4 05 Chemical Reactions

 4 05 Chemical Reactions Dissertation

п»їName: Yaissa Fernandez4. 05: Reactions

Data and Observations:

Result in a data table that includes a prediction of effect type, observations, and id of effect type for each and every reaction in the lab. (10 points)


Prediction of Reaction type


Effect Type

Flat iron (III) and Copper (II) Sulfate Option

Single replacement

Solids stay concentrated in the bottom

Single replacement

Lead (II) Nitrate and Potassium Iodide Solutions

Double replacement

Yellow-colored powder collected at lower part

Double replacement

Magnesium Material Ribbon and Hydrochloric Chemical p Solution

One replacement

Option begins to fizz

Single replacement unit

Electrolysis of Water


Water bubble in the tubes of H2 and T-MOBILE


Burning Magnesium


When in contact with the CARBON DIOXIDE, it constitutes a bright light



1 . Write a balanced equation for each reaction noticed in this research laboratory. (10 items total, 2 points each) Iron (III) and Birdwatcher (II) Sulfate Solution:

2Fe+3CuSO4=3Cu+Fe2 (SO3)3

Lead (II) Nitrate and Potassium Iodide Alternatives:

Pb (NO3)2+2KI=PbI2+2K (NO3)

Magnesium Metal Ribbon and Hydrochloric Acid Option:


Electrolysis of Water:


Burning up Magnesium:


2 . If you were to measure the mass of magnesium and hydrochloric chemical p before incorporating them inside the test conduit, how will that mass compare to the mass of reactants kept in the evaluation tube after the reaction? Describe your response and how it corresponds to the law of conservation of mass. (5 points)

It would be the same mass, mainly because according to law of conservation of mass: Strength cannot be developed nor ruined, only improved. But , due to the fact that this happened in an open test tube having a gaseous item, the mass would almost certainly be much less after combining them than previously combining all of them.

3. One of many reactions you conducted can in fact be grouped as TWO different types of reactions. Which...

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