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 Ang pag-ibig Essay


Balingasag Misamis Oriental

Basic Education Department

Dr . Tro L. Jomoc/Mr. Marjun 3rd there’s r. Abog

TLE IV-Entrepreneurship

School 12 months 2013-14

(Synthesis Paper)

Entrepreneurship 101-20

Posted by:

Ruvielyn Ranan

4 Aquarius College student

March 18, 2014


What are the things I learned from my personal Entreprenuer subject matter?

We are in a time where entrepreneurship is definitely finally a focus of a significant number of universities and colleges, and is even reaching in to high colleges. The question I possess is: so why has it considered so long intended for schools to identify the importance of, and start instructing, students about entrepreneurship? I actually am happy to say that I learned a lot from my Entrepreneurship subject matter specially when you begin a business you should start small and end even more profit. And specially when ever Sir Abog said that when you start a business we have to have 1st a business preparing execution is usually where the funds is at. Compose something short, sweet and the point and get on with it. I always preach about my One Paragraph Start Up Plan as the best way to begin. I discovered also about how Strategic partners are not often good ideas. Ahead of you bring on anyone being a business spouse, determine if really " partnering" is the best alternative. Decide if alternatives such as sharing revenue or perhaps doing a partnership are a better fit. Be sure you know every thing about the individual you wish to acquire, from their political backgrounds with their business values. And if you may go ahead and cause a partner, make for an working agreement that clearly says what happens atlanta divorce attorneys possible outcome—from a partner leaving to a spouse dying. I actually learned likewise on how business growth takes place in real time. My spouse and i learned likewise, no matter how effective you are, accept that you will fail once again. Failure excellent. It will be your best guide to better, better decisions. The quicker you realize that your business are never...

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