ASSISTANTS several TWO SQUARE CENTRE Section 14 nineteen Job In KUMON Companies

 ASSISTANTS several TWO RECTANGULAR CENTRE Section 14 nineteen Job At KUMON Organisations Essay


ASSISTANTS ­ 3 TWO SQUARE CENTRE (Section 14 &  19) | Job at KUMON Centres

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(Section 14 &  19)

Job at KUMON Centres


Mark and record worksheets

Pick and pack worksheets for next class


Assist to observe and guide students

Any administrative tasks as assigned

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Entry Level

Malaysia ­ Selangor ­

Petaling Jaya


Average Processing Time 

More Than 2 Weeks

Registration No.




STPM School Leavers and Diploma

Holders are encouraged to apply

Willing to work at night

Internet site

Company Size



ASSISTANTS ­ 3 TWO SQUARE CENTRE (Section 14 &  19) | Job at KUMON Centres

Good in Mathematics

Like to deal with children

College or university students are

encouraged to apply

Candidates who stay in Section

14/Section 17/SS2 PJ area are

welcomed to apply

1 ­ 50 Employees

Spoken Language


Working Hours

Based on Centres Operating Hours

Dress Code

Based on Centres Dress Code




ASSISTANTS ­ 3 TWO SQUARE CENTRE (Section 14 &  19) | Job at KUMON Centres


Nation­building Through Education

At� Kumon, � what� we� value� the� most� is� every

individual� child. � We� aim� to� develop� each� and

every child's potential to the maximum through

the� Kumon� Method� of� Learning. � Being� the

world's� largest� education� franchising� organization

with more than 4 million Kumon students in 48

countries, � we� invite� individuals� with� solid

passion for education and children to join us to

realise� our� vision� of� Nation­Building� through

education. � Join� us� to� discover� a� meaningful

career� that� endeavours� you� to� fulfill� the

individual child's goals and dreams.


Cultures and Values

By� discovering� the� potential� of� each� individual

and� developing� his� or� her� ability� to� the

optimum, � we� aim� to� foster� audio, � capable

people� and� thus� contribute� to� society. � " Every

child� possesses� the� ability� to� learn� further than

expectations. � Learning� occurs� most� efficiently

when: � (a)� The� level� of� the� materials

corresponds� exactly� to� the� learner's� ability;

and� (b)� The� rate� of� progress� is� controlled� by the� student. � If� students� are� studying� at� the

" just� right" � level, � their� potential� will� be� tapped



ASSISTANTS ­ 3 TWO SQUARE CENTRE (Section 14 &  19) | Job at KUMON Centres

on.  By developing this gift to the fullest,  we will develop sound,  responsible adults. "  ­ Mr Toru

Kumon,  Founder

Other Information

The Kumon Method is an instructional method

based� on� an� independent� or� self­learning

way.  Created in 1954,  by Toru Kumon,  a

high� school� Maths� teacher� in� Osaka, � Japan.

The� curriculum� consists� of� hundreds� of� brief

assignments� arranged� in� very� small� steps,

each� step� getting� a� little� bit� harder� than� the previous. � The� materials� are� organised� into� a

naturally� logical, � logical� progression� which will

allows� students� to� advance� at� their� own� speed

rather� than� by� grade� level� or� age. � The� daily worksheets are designed to be building blocks

to� help� a� child� gradually� develop� critical

Maths� and� reading� skills� needed� to� master

high� school� (Pre­University)� level� Maths,

languages and reading comprehension.

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Publicized:  10­March­2015

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