Benefits Prepare

 Benefits Program Essay

Delta Design Benefit Strategy Design Research

Michael Lane

Benefits – HRM-599-14342

Keller Graduate College of Management

Professor Michael jordan Ross

January 2013

Table of Items

Organization Selection3

Company Profile3

Benefits Program3

Statement with the Issue5

Fundamental Issue5



Materials Review7

Academics Resources and Relationships7

Concern Analysis8


Issue Solutions8

Logical Solution8

Pros and Cons9

Remedy and its Implementation10

Addressed Challenges and Solutions10

Plan & Measurement10


Pros and Cons10


Course Materials10


Representation Statement10

Performs Cited11

Business Selection

Business Profile

The corporation that I have chosen to assess the benefits strategy is Delta Design. Delta Design is a Cohu Incorporation. organization. " Cohu is known as a leading provider of check handling, burn-in and thermal solutions employed by the global semiconductor industry, micro wave communications and closed-circuit television set equipment. In 1972, the name Cohu Gadgets, Inc. was changed to Cohu, Inc. ” (Cohu, 2008). Cohu Incorporation. is comprised of five major organizations. These kinds of organizations are Delta Design and style, Rasco, BMS, Ismeca, and Cohu Gadgets. Cohu Incorporation. is based in Poway CA. Delta Design has major office buildings located around the world including Cal, Philippines, and Singapore.

Rewards Program

Delta Design has many different benefits included in all their plan as you can see in the under table. These types of benefits are the standard for the semi-conductor manufacturing sector. There are a few difficulties with the way that the benefits happen to be disbursed. A single major issue they own is that the Education Re-imbursement prepare has too many unneeded amounts. Another problem with their program is in the Paid out Holiday program. Delta Design – Rewards

Medical| Dental| Vision

Flex Spending Accounts| Employee Assistance Program| 401k Retirement Plan| Employee Discounts| Education Reimbursement| Paid out Holidays| Vacation & Sick Leave| Bereavement| Bicycle Benefits| Long Term Disability| Short Term Disability| Life Insurance| Accidental Loss of life and Dismemberment| Health and Wellness Plan| Employee Share Purchase Plan

The 401k Plan is matched at 50% of the initial 3% that may be contributed by the employee. This is administered throughout the Principal. Personnel are eligible inside the first month of hire.

The Employee Share Purchase Plan allows personnel to bring about up to 10% of their pay. This is completed every six months and at a 15% discounted price.

The Healthcare Benefits Plan includes medical, dental, and vision. The carrier pertaining to the medical and dental is Aetna, while the eye-sight is through VSP. Employee can cover themselves as well as their partner and children up to twenty six years of age. This plan also includes the Flex Spending Account. This account enables the employee to use pre-tax advantages to help with healthcare and dependent treatment.

The Holiday and Time-off Prepare provides 15 days of holiday for new retain the services of salary workers and 10 days for per hour new employs. This plan also includes 10 paid holidays.

Automobile Assistance Program offers the personnel free counselling through Horizon Health. This covers various kinds of counseling including psychological, tension, and drug abuse.

The Expenses Reimbursement Strategy covers the cost of books, college tuition, and registration up to $3000 per season. The amount of compensation is dependent around the grade received.

All other rewards are the quantity that the law states.

Declaration of the Issue

Basic Issue

One of the main problems with the Delta Design benefit plan is a complicated Tuition Reimbursement system. This program offers levels which make it hard to find out just how much funds will be returned. The levels happen to be dependent on the grade received. If the employee gets an " A”, they will receive 100% percent of the tuition paid. In the event they have a " B”...

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