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Information Technology Management


Staff No . 8:

Q1) How will you describe THIS impact Map for CEMEX?


1 ) The impact from it on Strategy and Operations

в–Є Description


Support Local Advancements Core Organization Improvement


- Building and purchasing plants. - Diversifying organization into exploration, hotels and petrochemical. - Developing technology. - Buying a satellite telecommunication system. - Incorporating one other strong manufacturer. - Releasing Executive Data System. -- Acquiring abroad cement operations. - Developing Post-Acquisition Competence: Installing personal computers and system according to their standards and processes.

Manufacturing plant


Emerging Market Opportunities

- Launching BPR applications on human being philosophy. - Enhancing THIS infrastructures and outsourcing THAT - Building an Entrepreneurial Mood: Bringing out innovative and superior customer support to build brand value. - Expanding in non latin emerging marketplaces - Launching a THIS subsidiary: extending a network of business to all areas of core business.


Organization Transformation

-- Merging






E-business talking to firms. -- Initiating company-wide program " The Cemex Way”: assisting E-selling, E-procurement, and E-workforce.

1) Refer to " THAT Impact on Business structure, Farber et al. 2008". IT Impact Model.

Q2) How features CEMEX constructed its details capabilities to accomplish its perspective and put into practice its innovating business technique? CEMEX, though it is in the traditionally conventional and low-tech cement industry, started to adopt Technology System mainly to improve detailed efficiency and decision making. What they did first with regards to information capabilities is to develop a telecommunication infrastructure and to establish Executive Details System pertaining to performance review and decision making by driving the managers and workers to submit all the info correctly on time. This kind of initiatives improved efficiency of CEMEX's core process. Not satisfied just by the procedure improvement, that they kept on investment more and more about information capabilities. CEMEX successfully integrated their IT system into attained companies as well and focused on people and processes when developing the Information System. The most project action CEMEX made was going to set up a new company named Cemtec, its in-house THAT service provider. Though everyone else thought that a cement company does have nothing to do with THIS services, CEMEX believed that it must be the way they may do better their particular core job and even acquire closer to all their vision. In addition , as CEMEX becomes even more globalized, this launched a new subsidiary, CxNetworks to manage efficiently and proficiently its globally businesses. That focused on setting up a network of vertical websites in crucial construction market segments, building a pan-Latin American e-procurement exchange and developing a technology and internet consulting. And then establishment of CxNetworks, four e-businesses acquired successfully recently been launched. в–Є Construmix: e-procurement site created specifically for the development industry. в–Є Nerois: expanded version of Cemtec, leading provider of computer and Net consulting solutions. в–Є Latinexus: online market place where getting of roundabout goods and services occurs. в–Є Construplaza: a full-service marketplace pertaining to buyers and suppliers of construction materials. picture installment payments on your Flow from it capabilities

To summarize, CEMEX produced " CEMEX Way", which in turn refers to CEMEX's standardized I . t System that has not only better its core business nevertheless also achieved it possible to obtain its eye-sight and put into action strategy. Through CEMEX Approach, they could save expense because of productivity, shorten the time to integrate a newly attained company, provide better buyer services and loyalty because of simplified...

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