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Willpower of Vanillin in Bogus Vanilla Fact

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4-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzaldehyde or perhaps as it is better known, vanillin is most frequently used to create fake vanilla importance (Southam, 2013).

Physique 1: vanillin structure

Vanillin was first synthesised from eugenol from 1874 – 2001, from where it was later made from lignin- containing sulphite liquor which is a by-product of wood pulp processing in paper pulp manufacturing, lately it is more common to find vanillin made from guaiacol and glyoxlic acid (3D chem, 2013). Vanillin is quite commonly seen in food taste formulations, fragrances and fragrances and continues to be used in prescription drugs used by those who suffer from Parkinson's disease (RHODIA, 2013). Physical State| Stable at 20oC

Form| Transparent powder

Colour| Colourless to slight yellow-colored

Odour| Vanilla

Melting point| 80 – 83. 5oC

Boiling Point| 154oC in 13. several hPa284oC by 1013 hPa

Relative density| 1 . 06g/cm3 at 20oC

Molecular weight| 152. 12-15 g/mol

Table 1: physical properties of vanillin (RHODIA, 2013)


Vanillin could possibly be removed from imitation vanilla substance by blending it with an organic solvent such as dichloromethane and then mixing the vanillin molecule with dilute sodium hydroxide to generate it right into a sodium salt so that it is within its aqueous phase (Southam, 2013). This can be done just as the first step the pure vanillin is interested in the dichloromethane as they are the two organic constructions and have identical intermolecular makes (dispersion). The second step requires mixing it with sodium hydroxide which is done as the phenol group acts with the salt hydroxide to create a sodium salt and water, the salt salt in that case wants to remain in this aqueous phase because of the similarity in the dipole-dipole bonding.

& NaOH sama dengan + WATER

Figure 2: Reaction of Vanillin with Salt Hydroxide


The aim of this kind of...

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