Normal Costing

 Standard Costing Essay

Introduction to Management Accounting

Lecture: Albert De Jonge

Student: David Alejandro Eusse Agudelo

Distribution date: 20/04/12



Standard Cost3

History of Regular Costing4

Disadvantage of Standard Cost4

Advantage and benefits of Common Costing 5 & 6

The significance of regular in Brittan and remaining portion of the world6

Expense 7


Reference and Bibliography9


This survey is based on the relevance of standard costing in Contemporary Britain, the report will incorporate so truth and proof that normal costing is pertinent or certainly not relevant for a 21st century The uk.

To simplify more with this topic and to support my argument and discussion it will probably be necessary to use empirical evidence such as circumstance studies via social science tecnistions and scholars dedicated in the subject.

The job will concentrate on how common costing is relevant in the UK out-do Germany and Japan. The goal of this survey will be to present an argument to get and against standard -costing. My conclusions will figure out what evidence to work with so that, the report will probably be unbiased and well shown according to the assessment task.

Last but not least there will be difference between standard price and standard cost, this will become clear and explain further more. My research will be completed through Net source books.

Standard Cost

" Common cost is usually associated with a Manufacturing Provider's cost of materials and direct labour and manufacturing overhead”.

Standard expense is different from Actual cost because standard cost is an estimate merged, Standard being is a dependable technique used to control and improve the performance of the organisation, normal costing is visible to the same or comparable to Activity based costing (ABC) but provides often been criticized being outdates and lost significance but it was also advised that the best techniques for managing cost and satisfaction management is to use ABC and standard priced at

Standard being is a managing tool used to estimate the over cost of production suppose normal businesses in other words, the estimate cost of material, work overheads and also other cost for every unit of production or perhaps purchase in a given accounts period.

The essential concept of common costing must be discuss evidently because it constitute the bases with the argument s i9000 to weather standing is pertinent or not really in the recent times.

The charted institute of management Accounting, London, describes standard costing as " the planning of standard cost and analysing expense the causes of variation with a view to maintain maximum efficiency in development.

From the above definition, there are some keywords and phrases that needs to be mentioned and describe for clarity of this report, one of which is standard price – which can be defined by the institute of cost and work Accountancy firm as common cost have decided and accustomed to clarify a final result of a business particularly simply by measurement of variations of actual expense from standard cost plus the analysis of causes of variance for the purpose of maintaining efficiency of executive action.

History of Regular Costing

For more than 100 years, normal costing has been used for valuing stock and work in progress " a few historians the origins of costing return even further and still have found proof it was employed in American Civil war simply by quarter expert as a means of controlling cost. It doesn't actually matter if the technique was invented futhermore important is the fact it is still in use today”

" In 1989 a survey showed that regular costing had been used by a lot more than 75% of British Industrial sectors e. g. brewing, fabric, electronics and Pharmaceuticals.

Disadvantage of Standard Cost

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