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Perhaps you have ever had a companion? Very well, George and Lennie were great buddies! The brief

new " Of Mice and Men” authored by John Steinbeck is a book that teaches you about companionship.

Both main personas in this New are George and Lennie. This novel teaches you about having a

companion in the life. I believe comfort and companionship are deep human requires that, when

unmet, can destroy the human spirit.

George and Lennie are journeying together almost everywhere looking for jobs to work. This implies that

George has Lennie as a partner. When Lennie's Aunt Clara died, Lennie just arrived with

George dealing with him across places. George and Lennie have a fantastic relationship since they

have been vacationing together intended for quite a long time. As well, in the new Slim says " Could be everybody in

the complete damn globe is fearful of each other. ” This shows that Slim can be wondering why more people

don't travel around together more often instead of vacationing alone. Slender is suggesting that people should travel

together more frequently instead of traveling alone. This means, traveling jointly makes persons feel more

happy and pleased with their life's.

When George killed Lennie at the end with the story for the purpose to give him a relaxing death

shows simply how much of a friend George and Lennie were. Having the guts to take your own

friend for a good thing like that is actually a really good associate in my opinion. George new that

Lennie made a big mistake on this occasion and it could not become dodged this time so he made his decision to

shoot Lennie. Also during the novel, Ugly tells George that this individual doesn't observe many persons traveling

together and laughs at them pertaining to traveling with each other as an odd group. Because Lennie is usually big and George is definitely

tiny he thought it was odd to enable them to travel together. This reveals he was envious that he did not have

a companion in the life.

This shows that comfortableness companionship...

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