Converging and Diverging Mirrors

 Converging and Diverging Decorative mirrors Essay

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I. Advantages

Concave decorative mirrors are used in various optical tools, such as microscope (illuminates the slide or perhaps specimen), massive telescope (especially in showing telescopes) and slide projected (increases the light falling on to the slide). Determine where images show up and what type of pictures are shaped by a cavite mirror. II. Objectives

1 ) Determine the focal length of a cavite mirror.

2 . Describe the images formed by a concave looking glass.

III. Components

Concave decorative mirrors

Two colocar sticks


White board (screen)

IV. Procedures

A. Determine the Focal Duration

1 . Placement your reflection. Mount this in a holder on a stand placed nearby the window. Discover figure listed below. 2 . Move the screen until an obvious image of a distant thing formed by mirror looks on it. Each time a sharp and clear photo appears on the screen, assess its length from the reflection. This is the focal length of the reflect. B. Picking out the Image

1 . Mount your lighted candlestick on a little bottle or canister. Place it in front of the reflect at a distance a lot more than twice the focal entire mirror. installment payments on your Move the screen back and forth to locate the sharpest image of the candle flame. Utilizing a meter adhere, measure the length between the display screen and the looking glass. This is the photo distance. Illustrate the image. Record your remark on the table. a few. Repeat 2 by moving your candle closer to the mirror on the position 2 times the focal length (equal to the centre of curvature) or C, between C and central length, for focal length and involving the focal span and reflection. Fill up the table.

Sixth is v. Observation

Key length of the looking glass: ________ cm

Object Distance dВ° (cm)

Image Length d (cm)

Nature of Image

Scale Image

Kind of Image

Placement of Photo


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