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A Thesis Paper Shown to the University of International Relations Lyceum of the Israel University

Dentro, Manila

In Partial Happiness for the Course

REMN10R – Study Methods

Simply by:

Jessica Janel M. Nocos

Craisha Rodelas

Rachel Mae Eduardo

Jessica Mouza Consocio

Anna Nicerio

Phase 1


This paper seeks to supply an overview of some research related to relationship, divorce, legal separation, annulment that considerably has a differentiation with divorce. a. Backdrop of research

Divorce is still unacceptable in the Philippine legal system, and maintains that legal parting can be availed of by husband and wife in a stressed marriage, as intended under the Family Code, and so they live independently of every other yet without the directly to remarry various other persons. (Romero, 2013) Divorce is also distinct from separation, which is legal in order to the position of an existing marriage nevertheless which does not terminate the marriage. Legally segregated couples continue to be married and continue to share most of the rights and responsibilities associated with matrimony (joint property, custody, etc). Separated couples cannot marry unless they go on to get divorced. Yet , a selected number of marital tasks, often including joint duties for lover's debts will be terminated. Separation used to become more common, in modern times they have taken a back seats to real divorce. The term, " divorce” refers to the legal end of contract of a legal marriage and everything rights and responsibilities linked to that marriage. Divorce differs from the others than Annulment which refers to the invalidation of a marriage. In divorce, marriage is recognized as something reputable that existed at one particular point (from the california's point of view) but which has as ended, although with annulment, it is as though the marriage under no circumstances too place because the marital life is reported to have been illegitimate from the beginning. Annulments can be obtained only when it is usually proven that the marriage was entered into under fraudulent, required or other illegal and illegitimate conditions. The vast majority of folks requesting quit from a relationship do not define based on these kinds of terms and so annulment is definitely uncommon. (Dombeck, 2009)

The researcher's awareness regarding different views on the effect of divorce to the Philippines and drive them to conduct a report. Especially because of the undying issue of divorce in the Korea as well as the side of the authorities and the house of worship. As in buy for them to understand how those views affects the youth's perception on divorce nowadays and how the sanctity of relationship affects the several views with the people. n. Statement in the Problem

1 ) Profile with the participants when ever group relating to:

A. Religion

B. Sexuality

C. Number of sibling

2 . What is the perception from the participants around the divorce once implemented within the Israel? 3. Precisely what is the notion of the members according to:

A. Religious beliefs

B. Gender

C. Number of sibling

4. Is there a significant marriage of the understanding of the pupils according to: A. Religion

M. Gender

C. Number of bros

c. Significance of analyze


The analysts are after towards the wide a result of implementing divorce in the Thailand. The purpose of this research is to tell and research the leads of the youth perception in divorce. TO THE COLLEGE

This study is important to intercontinental students that will be doing future analyze about divorce. More specifically through this analysis it will help all of them a thorough understanding about how the Philippines cannot be parallel between other countries with regard with divorce regulation. TO THE COMMUNITY

This kind of study will help them to know more about implementation of divorce once implemented in this article,...

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