Electric power Charge

 Electric Impose Essay

Part 1: Precisely what is the relationship between the electric potential at a point in space and the range from an electrical charge? 1)      Place a positive one particular nano-coulomb impose on the screen. 2)      Turn in " Show numbers”

3)      Turn on " tape measure”.

4)      Use the tape assess to find and record the distance from the demand to the equipotential sensor. 1 . 88 meters

5)      Record the voltage while indicated on the equipotential sensor. 4. 1v

6)      Change the place of the positive charge to at least six generally different miles from the equipotential sensor. Record the voltag8. 3v 2 . 5m

13. 1v installment payments on your 19m3. 4v 3. 8m 2 . 8v 2 . 24m1. 8v some. 5m 2 . 5v installment payments on your 61 7)      Use " Excel” to storyline these data sets.

8)      What is the mathematical relation among these parameters? When ac electricity increases range decreases and viceversa.

9)      Click on " Clear All”

Part two: What are the characteristics of the electrical field sensors? 1) Create a positive one particular nano-coulomb demand at the center of the screen. 2) Click on " Show Amounts.

3) Bring out an electric field senor.

4) What are electrical field products?

5. 9v/m 47. six degrees.

5) Is the electric powered field a scalar or maybe a vector?

Vector because it contains a direction.

6) To do their job, the electric field senor needs to have a impose. Why? Since in order to present direction it requires to have a fee. 7) Will the field senor have an optimistic or unfavorable charge.


8) Switch on the " Tape measure”.

9)� Whenever you sample the electric discipline further and further from a charged object, you find the field durability weakens. Do you consider the Elizabeth field or distance relationship is an inverse connection, an inverse square, or some other electrical power relation? Make use of the electric discipline sensor and tape assess to collect data sets in order to answer this question. Are the " Excel” graph that you just made in order to see if you hypothesis was correct. Were you right? It is a few other power regards. Because in the beginning distance on tape evaluate is 2 . 17m and unit on...

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