Ems Case Study

 Ems Case Study Essay


SEPTEMBER 13, 2001


Patient is a 42 sumado a. o. guy presenting to ER, through EMS, experiencing seizure activity since about 0850. EMS called for the scene in 0915 and patient reveals to EMERGENY ROOM at 0925.

According to patient's partner, patient was seen in EMERGENY ROOM on Come july 1st 1st intended for seizure activity. Patient's health background was or else normal approximately this point. Sufferer is married and features two children. Patent does not smoke cigars or are drinking alcoholic beverages. Patient can be described as truck driver that works the night time shift. About July very first, patient was admitted intended for observation next ER business presentation. A CT was ordered and unveiled lesions that you write in the cue section brain about 2-3 cm's long. Individual was planned to leave for Tx tomorrow for more evaluation. Patient's wife identifies this new event as " mild ticks left arm with short spotty breaks in seizure activity. ”

Patient's vital indications were 136/78 with a heart beat of 112. Breath sounds are very clear and heart sounds are normal. DNV's reveal reduced grip in left arm. Partner state's this really is normal seeing that his previous seizure upon July first. Patient's epidermis pink, nice and slightly diaphoretic. Patient's LOC is diminished. Individual can respond briefly to verbal orders. Patient is experiencing slight focal electric motor seizure activity to the left arm and head/neck.

Patient's lab data can be regular with the exception of his Tegretol level. Patient's Tegretol is currently some. 2 vs . a normal selection of 8 – 12. Patient's liver nutrients were currently normal which can be improved coming from his July 1st levels that were low.

Patient happens to be taking: Diazepam, 5mg DAR for treating seizures. Famotidine 20mg BID for a peptic ulcer. Tegretol 200mg BET for treatment of seizures. Vidodin, 2 – 3 q4-6hr PRN intended for pain relief.

PENNSYLVANIA ordered establishment of IV with a saline lock, T-MOBILE at some lpm by NC and 3-lead monitoring. Ativan zero. 5ml given IVP to relieve seizure.


Protect the patient via harm is to do...

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