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International Record of Industrial Executive, 16(3), 171-181, 2009.

Rendering of Half a dozen Sigma in a Manufacturing Process: A Case Analyze Adan Valles1, Jaime Sanchez1, Salvador Noriega2, and Berenice Gómez Nuñez1 1


Research and Graduate Studies Division

Compact disc. Juarez Institute of Technology

Cd. Juarez, Chih. México

Department of business and Making Engineering

Institute of Executive and Technology

Autonomous University of Disc. Juárez

Compact disk. Juarez, Chih. México

Corresponding author's email: Adan Valles, [email protected]; Salvador Noriega, [email protected]

This paper shows a 6 Sigma job conducted in a semiconductor company specialized in the production of circuit cartridges pertaining to inkjet printers. They are examined electrically in the final level of the procedure measuring electric characteristics to simply accept or decline them. Electrical failures accounted for about fifty percent of all defects. Therefore , it is crucial to establish the main problems, causes and activities to reduce the level of defects. While using implementation of Six Sigma, it was conceivable to determine the important factors, identify the optimum levels or tolerances and improvement opportunities. The factors that were found by using a design of experiments 3 factors and 2 levels had been: abrasive pressure (90-95 psi), height with the tool (0. 06-0. 05) and routine time (7000-8000 msec. ). The improvement was obviously a reduction in the electrical failures of about 50%. The results confirmed that with proper using this methodology, and support for the team and staff of the organization, a positive effect on the quality and also other features important to customer satisfaction can be obtained Significance:

6 Sigma literary works is comprehensive, although there are many reports about its software, it is extremely important the gathering empirical data to build a body of Six Sigma with better explanatory ability.


Six Sigma, Repeatability and Reproducibility Gauge Analyze, Quality Improvement (Received: a few December 06\; Accepted in revised type: 27 May 2007)


The Six Sigma Methodology is a customer concentrated continuous improvement strategy that minimizes defects and variant towards a great achievement of 3. 4 disorders per , 000, 000 opportunities in product design, production, and administrative process. Gutierrez ain al. (2004) state that 6 Sigma is a strategy of continuous improvement of the organization to find and eliminate the causes of the errors, defects and delays running a business organization processes. The specific objectives of the task were arranged in three categories; way of measuring equipment, failing analysis, and process improvement. Regarding the way of measuring equipment, the objectives were to determine if the latest measurement system provides a trusted estimate with the quantity and type of defect and to assess the repeatability and reproducibility of the electric tester. In relation to the method of inability analysis, a lot of objectives were established: (1) to evaluate the standardization of criteria intended for the technical failures; (2) to develop a process and sample plan for faulty parts and acquire a reliable estimation of the circulation of flaws in the total population; (3) to propose an alternate means for the research of malfunctioning parts and (4) to recognize and gauge the defects, specially the main electrical defect. Regarding the research of challenges and process improvement, the objectives had been: (1) to spot the factors or operations that affect the quality feature in question (electrical function from the circuit); (2) to identify the amount of the parameters in which the effect of the types of variation will probably be minimal; (3) to develop plans for improvement and (4) to implement and keep an eye on the recommended improvements.

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Valles ain al.


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