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Russel Tan

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Executive brief summary

The main goal of this proposal is to recognize and enhance the existing business info system of the widely known film cinema positioned in Singapore, Glowing Village. The group will be taking up the role of business consultants which will help Golden Village increase and employing new methods to give our client a competitive border over their very own current competitors such as Shaw, Cathy and so forth.. We would as well identify any kind of changes which will would improve their efficiency of services they give. (Customer Assistance, Ticket Checkout) We have suggested the rendering of the QR Code Program. This is a simple process of adding the QR code upon billboards, tv advertisements; internet and motion picture catalogues exactly where consumers can easily manage to check when do the movie start screening, motion picture times, theatre seats available to them and updating consumer every time a specific video is produced. This would produce booking a show an convenience. With this implemented, it would lessen the workload from the working staff and reduced errors triggered during operate; hence offer better client relations and attracting new clients.

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Individual Report25

Gerontius Ng25

Russel Tan26

Zhao XiaoFan27

Aung Aung28

Chor Marly Lwin29

18 November 2012

Kurt Rieder

Chief of Executive

Golden Village Multiplex Pte Ltd

68 Orchard Road


Singapore 238839

Proposal of Implementing QR Code System in Gold Village Movie theater Our group has suggested a QR code program to be employed in Golden Village Cinema for your business which will would be useful and practical for buyers. This proposal will show you the benefits and outcomes of the integrated system. We certainly have done a general analysis of your competitors as well as how to overcome long-run problems being faced later on. Our QR code program will cover most of the ticketing system and enables the customers check for the available timings and seating for the particular movie allowing consumers to purchase the admission through their very own mobile devices. These codes will probably be widely available and accessible in place such as: •Billboards



•Movie Catalogues

This would shorten queue and saving queue period, thus permitting consumers to acquire their seat tickets for their ideal movie. This would attract even more customers because Singaporeans possess a face-paced lifestyle. Finally, we would like to prepare a meeting with you so we're able to discuss more information about the proposal. This may give you an edge over competitors, thus bettering sales and profit margin. We love your consideration for reading our proposal and do not wait to contact us if you're any kind of enquiries.

Your own Sincerely,

Gerontius Ng

Team Leader of Business Consultation Group


Singaporeans are living a fast-paced life-style where everything needs to be fast as period equals to money, Singaporeans of any age disapprovals long queues as its time intensive. Hence, they really want everything to end up being fast. This is how our QR code systems come into place as it gives client the convenience to book and buy the seat tickets they desire with ease at everywhere and whenever. The theatre industry is incredibly competitive because competitors making the effort to discover and satisfy buyers profitably. The program we are applying allows clients and personnel to...

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