Alluring Lady

 Sexy Girl Essay

[Intro: Shaggy]

Alluring! Hot. I like your style young lady, put it on me

Brian and Tony Gold let the females know, that they got it goin on Uh! Shaggy!!!

[Chorus: Brian And Tony adamowicz Gold (Shaggy)]

Hey sexy female, I like your flow

Your own body's bangin, away of controoooooool!!! (Uh! )

You put it on myself (That's right) ceiling to floor

You only can make me personally, scream and beg intended for moooooore!!!

[Verse you: Shaggy]

Her system's callin bawlin got myself crawlin up the wall and

My size ain't little it's extra tall and capture here comes her outfits be fallin Her neighbor's callin bawlin all this noises is so appallin

They must imagine we're brawlin headboards bang till early mornin

[Chorus: Brian And Tony Gold (Shaggy)]

Howdy sexy woman (Uh!! ) I like your flow (Yo'll)

Your body's bangin (Ya) away of controoooooool!!! (A big tune) Putting it about me (Uh!! )) roof to floor (Ceiling to floor girl) Only you can make me (Uh) scream and beg pertaining to moooooore!!!

[Verse a couple of: Shaggy]

I was hers for the choosin, functionality left her snoozin

Carpet burns her knees we're bruised and, she's absolutely hooked ain't zero refusin

[Brian And Tony Rare metal: ]

I knew all this along (Uh! ) she wears the perfect thong (What!!! ) The girl really put it on (On me) I had to write a song.

[Chorus: Brian And Tony a2z Gold (Shaggy)]

Hi there sexy female (She's drivin me nuts) I like the flow (Uh! Uh! ) Your body's bangin (Sexy Lady) out of controoooooool!!! (Sweet and nice) You put it on me personally (You find out you got that figure) limit to flooring Only you can make me (Wow) scream and beg intended for moooooore!!!

[Verse a few: Brian And Tony Gold]

Whats up sexy woman you become fine drive me crazy movin about, and on, and on Hey hot lady you be great drive me personally crazy movin on, and on, and on

[Shaggy (Brian And Tony a2z Gold)]

Gal your extra hot like (Whoa) and you cause me to feel wanna state (Hi) And you shake you shake your thong (Low)

Gal you wicked to ras it nah (Lie)

Gal I really like the way how you will (Flow) each time you passin me (By) Gal you wiggly jiggly and (Oh) and you evil to ras it nah (Lie)...

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