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Final Exam IEP

William H Dunston

Liberty University or college

Course and Section #

EDUC 521 201020 Summer time Sub-term M; Deadline: 07/21/2010

Dr . Rollen Fowler

Day of Submitter 07/20/2010

EDUC 521 – Final Examination: IEP

|Name: Karen Cruz |Date of birth: 5/22/1999 | |School: Bywood Primary |Age: 15 |Grade: third | |Primary language-Student: English language |Primary language-Home: English | |Primary classification: Specific Learning Disability |Special ed instructor: William Dunston

Present Levels of Functionality, Goals, and Objectives

|Skill Area: Studying | |Present level of educational performance: Based on the Peabody Specific Achievement Test-Revised-Normative Update (PIAT-R/NU)| |Karen is definitely functioning on the 1 . 6th grade level in browsing. Karen's learning disability in the areas of examining comprehension and | |reading recognition require accommodations in her in her examining classes. Karen's teachers report that Karen's communication skills| |favor reception more than manifestation and that her vocabulary is quite good. | |Annual Target: Within a single academic season Karen will improve her studying skills simply by 1 total grade level to a several. 6 quality level since measured | |by a standardized test out. | |Short-term objective: Provided a list of 20 unfamiliar phonetically spelled words and phrases, Karen will read them by decoding them with 95% | |accuracy as scored by instructor made evaluation by May 7th, 2010. | |Short-term objective: Offered a section, Karen can read with 90% accuracy and reliability as tested by teacher made evaluation by May well 7th, | |2010. | |Short-term target: With usage of kinesthetic and tactile instructing methods in instruction, Karen will be able to recognize and read| |at least twenty basic words (consonant/vowel/consonant) with completely accuracy within just four weeks, as tested weekly by simply teacher | |recorded observational data.

|Skill Area: Spelling | |Present standard of educational efficiency: According to the Peabody Individual Success Test-Revised-Normative Upgrade (PIAT-R/NU)| |Karen is operating at the 1 . 4 level level in spelling. Karen's strengths are in mathematics. She is in a position to quickly grasp the concepts | |and is excelling in a regular price in this area. | |Annual Target: Within 1 academic 12 months Karen will improve writing skills by 2 grade amounts to a a few. 4 class level while measured by simply | |standardized tests. | |Short-term goal: With the use of tactile teaching strategies Karen uses knowledge of phonics, word patterns, and slight words| |to improve spelling when publishing as discovered by instructor. | |Short-term objective: Karen will progress through the...

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