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 Communication and Leadership Article


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September 12, 2013

Communication & Command

Communication is crucial in every aspect of life. Interaction is the exchange and stream of tips or info between persons. It requires thinking of an idea and sending it into a receiver. There are many physical and physiological boundaries to connection that can bring about problems in the workplace. Learning how to connect effectively on your team is an important task for leaders. Leaders must educate, counsel, regulate, and assess their crew daily. The communication method involves 3 primary measures or expertise that are used simply by everyone; thought, encoding and decoding (Clark, 2013). A leader's ability to communicate successfully has evolved over time as the modern generation offers entered the workforce. Qualities, age, and technology all play a role in how leaders communicate today. Bridging age Gap

Because " Baby Boomers”, persons born between years of 1946-1964, begin to cease working, the new technology is moving into their shoes and boots. Generation By (born between 1965-1976) and Generation Y or Era M. E. (born between 1977-1998) are a new generation of frontrunners who have entirely different attributes than their very own elders. They balance all their time between residence and function. The new decades want rewarding, intellectually revitalizing work. That they thrive on the more individualized approach to managing. Creativity, freedom, and advanced are all essential to these fresh generations. The child Boomer era believes in " paying the dues” (Mindtools. com, 2011) and displaying your loyalty by functioning long hours. They may have traditionally experienced that doing work is your life, and if you hate your job, well then that is just a part of life. It is possible to see there are numerous differences between generations and adjustments has to be made based on the different attributes and management styles. Leadership styles. The modern leaders who also...

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