Krispy Kreme Case Research

 Krispy Kreme Case Analysis Essay



DATE: November doze, 2006

SUBJECT MATTER: " Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Going Global? "

This memo contains the answers to Concerns 1 through 4 from your International Promoting assignment entitled, " Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Going Global? " The questions happen to be offset in the shaded location and the email address details are provided under each query. (1) Where should Krispy Kreme move next? List the next eight countries they should enter in purchase of most practical. Describe the criteria you accustomed to develop your list.

I recognized, evaluated and ranked the countries by which I think Krispy Kreme ought to enter following. The benefits of the evaluation are described below. Conditions, presented in order of their importance and then a story description are:

1 . Personal / Legal

2 . Economic

3. Ethnical

Political as well as Legal

Political and legal considerations received first goal in this analysis with major emphasis given to whether a country's legal or political program prohibits or perhaps impedes international investment. If a country's politics or legal system frustrated or eliminated foreign investment, that region was disqualified from further consideration. Elements considered when ever assessing the political and legal environment:

1 . Easy doing business

installment payments on your Transparency International's Corruption Rank

3. Relative political stableness

4. Enforcement of control rights

your five. Degree to which foreign expense is encouraged


A country's economic environment takes on a significant part in the achievement of businesses working within that country. Countries with battling or diminishing economies were not included in the top ten ranking. Financial indicators and trends chosen for this research:

1 . Major Domestic Product (GDP)

installment payments on your Gross Nationwide Income (GNI)

3. Industry size (population and population density)

Cultural Environment

Assuming a rustic had a favorable political, legal and economy; its ethnical environment was evaluated. Culture impacts require and the marketing mix; therefore , if a country's culture was deemed unfavorable, it was not included in the top ten ranking. Likewise, if a country's culture looked like especially beneficial, that factor is denoted later in the analysis. Cultural factors considered in this research:

1 . Hofstede's Cultural Typology

2 . Strength eating habits and trends

a few. Acceptance of prepared and take-out food

4. Diet considerations (to assess merchandise adaptation requirements) 5. Perceptions of doughnuts as a lunch break food or a snack food six. Preference to get freshly prepared foods

six. Language and just how " Krispy Kreme" converts

The aforementioned criteria were used to identify the eight most practical countries/regions to get Krispy Kreme's international growth. The list of countries/regions, offered in descending order, with especially appealing characteristics denoted adjacent to the apposite nation, is presented in Desk 1 for the following webpage.

Table 1

RankCountryAttractive Ethnical Characteristics

1Hong KongDensely filled, open to Traditional western ideas with positive U. S. region of origins effects, favors freshly well prepared foods, at the. g. sushi, doughnuts will be snacks (assumes product adaptation) implying all day long consumption, manufacturer and product recognition, talks Chinese and English (business people); Collectivist culture helps bring about sharing (office heroes) 2JapanDensely populated, likes freshly well prepared foods, at the. g. sushi, doughnuts are snacks (assumes product adaptation) implying throughout the day consumption, manufacturer and merchandise recognition, talks Japanese and English (6 years of written English can be part of formal education system); Collectivist traditions promotes sharing (office heroes) 3SingaporeDensely filled, open to European ideas with positive U. S. region of origins effects, wants freshly ready foods, doughnuts are treats (assumes merchandise adaptation) suggesting all day consumption, brand and product recognition, speaks Chinese and The english language...

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