Marketing Positioning Sample Essay

 Marketing Positioning Sample Composition

Marketing alignment is a idea of an organization which will underlines the fact that company`s accomplishment is mainly based upon

customers` satisfaction. The strain here is put on valuing consumers` needs and wants to begin with. " An advertising oriented firm (also named the marketing concept, or consumer emphasis, or customer focus) is one that enables the would like and needs of customers and customers to drive all of the firm's tactical decisions. The firm's corporate and business culture is definitely systematically devoted to creating customer value. The explanation is that the more a company knows and fulfills the real demands of the consumers, the much more likely it is to have happy clients who return for more, and tell their particular friends” (wikipedia).

Marketing alignment concept progressed between the late 1960s and early 1970s. Firstly, it absolutely was developed in Harvard School. Marketing orientation replaced development orientation and sales alignment which were existing before. By now numerous studies were made to be able to investigate advertising orientation more thoroughly and make important conclusions regarding the impact of this principle. However , comprehension of marketing positioning is unclear and is reviewed from several points of watch. There are research which suggest philosophical procedure towards marketing orientation in addition to those which use behavioral idea of marketing alignment. I would like to mention opinions of several analysts towards the subject of marketing alignment. Desphande and Webster, like many others, reveal ideas of philosophical and cultural characteristics of marketing positioning. " In their study in 1992 each uses the term «customer orientation» to describe a specific group of beliefs that puts the customers' passions first and ahead of the ones from all other stakeholders (e. g. owners, managers, employees) which in turn, in their perspective, should be considered as part of a wider, and more important, corporate culture”...

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three or more.

four. mcm. aueb. gr/... /Gounaris/Marketing_Orientation_and_Its_Deve

lopment. pdf file

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