Marketing and Promotional Marketing campaign

 Marketing and Advertising Campaign Composition


Lyng Hall University


Edexcel Level 3 – Business

UNIT on the lookout for: Exploring Innovative Product Advertising

Internally Set Assignment

Product 9: Discovering Creative Item Promotion

Summary of Learning Outcomes

About completion of this kind of unit you should:

1 . Understand the constituents from the promotional blend

2 . Be familiar with role of promotion within the marketing combine 3. Understand the role of advertising companies and the media 4. Have the ability to promote a basic promotional marketing campaign

Advised Resources

Internet websites:,

Textbooks: Dransfield R, BTEC National in Business Student Publication (Heinemann, 2007) Visit to regional businesses

Plan magazine

Instructing Methods

Case studies


Group work

Video clips of adverts

Specific tasks

Website research



Evaluation methods

You'll be assessed after the design of a promotional advertising campaign for a picked product which meets the needs of a given imaginative brief.

BTEC National Award/Certificate/Diploma in Business

Product 9: Checking out Creative Product Promotion – assessment activity front piece

This entrance sheet has to be completed by learner (where appropriate) and included with the effort submitted to get assessment.

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Assessor name: Mister. Hill

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BTEC National Award/Certificate/Diploma* in corporate *delete since appropriate

Product 9 - Assignment one particular of 1

Conditions reference

To offer the criteria the evidence must present that the learner is able to: Process no

Conditions attempted (please tick)


describe the promotional blend used by two selected organisations for a selected product/service

one particular


explain the part of promotion within the advertising mix for a selected product/service



describe the role of advertising companies and the press in the progress a successful marketing campaign

a few


design a advertising campaign for a given product/service to meet the needs of any given creative brief.



clarify how the promotional aspect can be integrated and used with the complete marketing mixture of a selected enterprise to achieve it is business aims and objectives.



explain the relative value of employing professional

organizations in ensuring promotional achievement



Provide a reason for a advertising campaign and make tips for improvement.



Examine and justify the use of a suitable promotional mix with respect to business and marketing aims for the selected organisation.


Learner's declaration

I approve that the function submitted just for this assignment is usually my own.

Student signature: Day: Assignment one particular – Appealing to Different Clients


Like a learner over a BTEC Countrywide in Business program you are considering continuing your research at university. You have already been on the acquiring end of university advertising campaigns and you have been approached by the Campaigns Manager for one of the colleges. He features given you the opportunity to design a promotional campaign for a given product or service in his school.

For this project you have recently been asked to get ready an explanation of the promotional mix using illustrations from ad advertisement business (e. g. retailer or manufacturer in a competitive market like the car, foodstuff or apparel industries, travel and travel, hospitality and catering) and an institution in the community sector. You have also been asked to prepare an explanation of how the campaigns help organisations to communicate with their target customers, and to be familiar with role of advertising firms in the advertising promotions sector.


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