Milk and Andrea Langley

 Milk and Andrea Langley Essay

NEW TOEIC Part your five / 6 / six

Part your five + Portion 6: complete within 23 minutes

information. For prices, please seek advice from the ------- catalogue.

(a) enclose(b) encapsulated

(c) encloses(d) enclosure

102. Payment should be sent by lender ------- in dollars.

(a) draft(b) funds

(c) cashier(d) transport

ciento tres. The factory will ------- open during the maintenance function. (a) pause(b) delay

(c) allow(d) stay

104. Presence at the meeting on the twenty fifth is ------.

(a) attended(b) mandatory

(c) interested(d) seeking

105. Most visitors must report to ------- on entrance.

(a) secure(b) secured

(c) secures(d) protection

106. Seat tickets will go ------- sale four weeks before the efficiency. (a) at(b) to

(c) on(d) in

107. 1 percent off the cost of construction has been ------- to the purchase of artworks to get the lobby. (a) divided(b) suggested

(c) allocated(d) furnished

108. Critics of the plan fear the brand new regulations will probably be impossible to ------. (a) advise(b) put in force

(c) increase(d) persuade

109. It is hoped that the new packaging is often more ------- to prospective customers. a) strong(b) colorful

(c) appealing(d) diverse

110. Due to costs, the board is ------- to approve the measures. (a) powerful(b) hesitant

(c) difficult(d) expensive

111. For more information, ------- our web page (a) look(b) present

(c) check(d) offer

112. The motion of the control knobs for the prototype is usually not yet ------- enough. (a) smooth(b) softer

(c) smoothly(d) smoothing

113. The new art work will ------- in the boardroom.

(a) hang(b) place

(c) enjoy(d) improve

114. ------- January very first, trash will be collected on Tuesdays. (a) Begin(b) Commenced

(c) Begins(d) Beginning

116. We are thinking about becoming the North American ------- for your goods, and could to like to arrange a gathering to discuss this in detail. (a) represent(b) symbolizes

(c) to represent(d) agent

116. A loose electrical ------- triggered the equipment to overheat. (a) error(b) staff member

(c) operation(d) connection

117. The price of copper reached an all-time ------- last week. (a) top(b) record

(c) output(d) mining

118. This product is shipped in 10-gallon -------.

(a) drums(b) ships

(c) supply(d) postage

119. The court docket decided that the advertisement would not ------- each of our products. (a) mistake(b) misapply

(c) misfortune(d) misrepresent

one hundred twenty. We have a fervent export section for ------- sales. (a) abroad(b) overseas

(c) stranger(d) foreigner

121. The deal states that we retain ------- of the architect's plans. (a) priority(b) building

(c) ownership(d) application

122. The files have been ------- by a inability to maintain appropriate storage conditions. (a) sent(b) ruined

(c) ordered(d) discounted

123. The financial institution returned the ------- since it lacked a great authorizing unsecured personal. (a) cash(b) check

(c) coins(d) money

124. Utilization of third-party equipment with this device will ------- the warranty. (a) void(b) destroy

(c) disable(d) confirm

125. Upon opening, verify contents on this box ------- the encapsulated parts list. (a) upon(b) within

(c) toward(d) against

126. A 30-horsepower motor exists as an optional --------. (a) energy(b) upgrade

(c) increase(d) strengthening

127. The restaurant will be closed ------- the health code violations are addressed. (a) for(b) until

(c) during(d) through

128. Two-thirds in the university's incoming ------- class is by out of state. (a) grade(b) tuition

(c) freshman(d) graduated

129. The ------- new pipe would transport 300, 1000 barrels of oil each day. (a) propose(b) proposed

(c) proposal(d) proposing

130. Vancouver-based M-Corp offers pledged $5 million to aid create ------- for the assembly of the airplane. (a) pilot(b) machine

(c) software(d) workforce

131. The Crossroads Buying Plaza has had a 30 % ------- charge for the past couple of years. (a) shop...

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