Movie Research: Crash

 Movie Analysis: Crash Composition


a movie by Paul Haggis

" moving at the speed of life, we could bound to wage war with every single other”

Because you watch the film, consider & response the following inquiries.

1 . That which was your overall reaction to this movie? What feelings did you find yourself sense during this film? Why?

This amazes me just how people could be so hurtful. I was upset when the light cop explored the women the way he did. Then the guy that sells guns didn't want to see the man a gun due to his race. Then the DA's wife the way in which she served I understood she had been through so much but the girl took it on everyone and your woman acted extremely racist towards man changing the tresses and her own personnel in that proved helpful inside her own home.

2 . Why is it important for cultural workers to determine this film?

I think which the movie is very important for social workers to look at because occasionally people really do not understand or perhaps get the actual. This movie has a whole lot different types of racism in it. The movie opened my eyes of how life is really for some persons and I think that we need that reminder now and then. This video is a good learning tool.

a few. Identify the persons or events that illustrate the thought of racism. Which will of these, if perhaps any, do you consider were a consequence of ignorance vs . racist motives?

The DA's wife acted racist the moment she was walking in the future and noticed two black men going for walks down the street and moved faraway from them as a result of fear. Then this locksmith that was changing the a lock at the house was Mexican and had tattoos and his slacks were baggy she presumed that he'd get offer a copy from the keys to his residence boys. My spouse and i also believe that she was a little racist towards the females that proved helpful for her at her home.

Then the man that owned your local store acted within a racist manner because he thought that the nyc locksmith was trying to take advantage of him. Because he declared that he changed the locking mechanism but he needed a brand new door. The man accused him of trying to get more money away of him....

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