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Browsing Module #1

On Your Own

This activity in Reading Component 1 provides you with two browsing passages to rehearse applying the Active Browsing Strategies you have learned.

Directions: Finish the activity by reading each passage and answering the questions. Never forget to cause check and proofread your work. When you have completed this activity, please publish it for the Dropbox in this week.

Studying #1: " The lay behind these gloomy nationwide polls” simply by Michael Medved of USA Today. Supply: The Week, October nineteen, 2007

Question Americans the way they feel about the world, said Jordan Medved, and in addition they wind up using a paradox.

Using the Predicting Strategy

Read the title and first sentence. Now predict what you think the passage will be about. | Your conjecture about the passage:

Today read the whole paragraph:

Browsing #1: " The Lie Behind All those Gloomy Countrywide Polls” by Michael Medved of UNITED STATES Today. Resource: The Week, October 19, 2007

Request Americans the way they feel about the earth, said Michael jordan Medved, and they wind up having a paradox. By staggering majorities, people tell pollsters that they disapprove of both Congress and the President, and two out of three the U. H. is went " in the wrong path. ” But when mentioned their own lives, " People in america express frustrating contentment and dazzling confidence. ” A newly released Harris election found more than seven out of 10 folks are satisfied " with the lifestyle you lead, ” with 56 percent choosing the highest category " very satisfied. ” Almost everyone expects lifestyle to be better in the next five years. In some manner, Americans believe that they individually live in a " sun-kissed, optimistic isle of happiness, ” even though the country in particular is going to hell. How can this kind of be? It's not that amazing, given that we all spend, normally, 30 hours a week engrossed in television set. On the news and entertainment shows, the world is usually presented because...

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