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SubjectCode-B105 Organizational Behaviour

Section A: Objective Type & Short Questions (30 marks)

It consists of Multiple Choice and short remarks type inquiries Answer all the questions.

Part 1 carries one particular mark each and part two carries 5 signifies each.

Component A: --

Multiple Alternatives: -

1 ) Which from the following is usually not comes under Maslow‟s needs theory? 1 . Sociable needs

2 . Affiliation needs

3. Physiological needs

some. Specification needs

2 . Collegial model can be an extension of:

a. Supportive unit

b. Autocratic model

c. Custodial version

d. non-e of the previously mentioned

3. Sigmund Freud‟s theory on individuality is:

a. Related with meaningful values

n. Related with sexual values

c. Related with social values

g. Related with parent values

5. A person who moves fast, speak rapidly, generally impatient, procedures success by quantity is actually a person of: a. Class A persona type

n. Class M personality type

c. Category C persona type

g. Class AB personality type

5. According to Maslow‟s need pecking order theory confidence need comes at__________ location from bottom level: a. subsequent

b. 3 rd

c. 4th

d. 5th

6. Casual communication is usually called:

a. Grapevine

n. Red vine

c. Adams communication

m. Dead interaction

7. Needs related to craving for food, thirst, sleeping etc . are thought as: a. Safety needs

b. Physical needs

c. Social needs

d. Home actualization needs

8. Horizontal expansion of your job that involves the addition of tasks at same level of skills: a. Job enrichment

w. Job rotation

c. Job enlargement

m. Management simply by objectives

9. Path target theory of leadership is definitely developed by:

a. Robert R. Blake

n. Charles Fowl

c. Wendy fielder

deb. Robert Home

10. Potential or capability to influence others in a delivered direction is called: a. Politics

b. Electric power

c. Inspiration

d. Leadership

Part B: -

1 . Define Paperwork.

Bureaucracy generally may possess a different that means. But as significantly an organization is concerned, bureaucracy is a form of organization based on logic, order, as well as the legitimate use of formal power. Bureaucracies were made to be orderly, fair, and highly useful. Their features include a clear‐cut division of labor, strict hierarchy of power, formal rules and techniques, and campaign based on expertise.

Today, many people view bureaucracies negatively and recognize that bureaucracies have their restrictions. If companies rely excessive on rules and methods, they become unwieldy and as well rigid—making them slow to reply to changing environments and even more likely to die in the long run. Rules are formed for the uniform functioning but it should always have some acceleration space to slip specific needs. This is very important in current HUMAN RESOURCES environment. Also management theory doesn't view all bureaucratic structures because inevitably mistaken.

installment payments on your State the idea of ‘Span of Control'.

Duration of Control means the amount of subordinates that can be managed efficiently and effectively by a outstanding in an organization. It suggests how the contact are designed between a superior and a subordinate in an business. Span of control features two types:

Filter span of control: Narrow Span of control means a single administrator or manager oversees handful of subordinates. This gives rise to a tall organizational structure.

Wide period of control: Wide span of control means just one manager or perhaps supervisor oversees a large number of subordinates. This gives go up to a smooth organizational composition.

The degree of control can vary between managers. When a administrator has the capacity to deal with a large selection of subordinates with uniform focus, appreciation and recognition and create effective workers, one more manager just might manage only a few in an efficient manner. Yet is it usually advisable to obtain vertical hierarchy in an corporation structure as each...

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