Outline for the poem "Stopping by simply woods on a snowy evening"

 Essay about Outline to get the poem «Stopping by woods over a snowy evening»

Patricia Regato Conde y Castañeda



Images in the composition " Visiting Woods on the Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost

In " Stopping by Woods over a Snowy Evening”, the poet uses the contrasts of ideas and images to present the metaphors that will give the key theme and mood towards the poem. Visible images and tactile images help to get to know the mood of the narrator along with creating a crystal clear picture in the scenery from the poem in the reader's brain. The poet person uses representation to increase the strain in the middle of the poem for the reader to understand that there is a few uncertainty in the narrator's acts.

The poem talks about a man wondering around inside the woods with his horse on the snowy night time, for a second he stops and contemplates the landscapes.

A) The poet uses typically visual images in conveying the landscapes, such as " To watch his woods fill with snow”, " The darkest evening of the year” and " The woods happen to be lovely, dark and deep”. The effect the fact that poet produces with these kinds of images is definitely the sense of tranquility and beauty that made the narrator become lulled by the woods.

B) We discover metaphors utilized by the poet person in the expression " And miles to visit before I sleep”, exactly where " a long way to go”, is the metaphor for life and " prior to I sleep”, is a metaphor for death. The replication of this collection at the end of the last stanza gives emphasis to the expression giving a second meaning towards the phrase, along with turning drastically the mood in the poem in something more dark.

C) The poet uses representation in the horse, since this individual gives human character for the horse mainly because it starts asking yourself its expert decisions. The horse feels anxious and he even tries to conscious his learn of the hypnotic trance he provides sunk in. The fear of the horse gives tension to the poem combined with the feeling of uncertainty.

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