Essay about Stones

" Stones” By: Bill Bell


Subject: The english language

Teacher: Ms. McNeil

Time: March twenty eight, 2013

By. Tristian Corp

Throughout lifestyle people are often learning things about themselves. Some people don't learn these things about themselves right up until they are in older age group and some master at a really young age in either case they learn who they are like a person. Inside the novel " Stones: by William Bells, the main persona Garnet Havelock Learns that he is self conscious, intelligent and extremely courageous. Garnet is a good guy. He uses these traits to help by using a will twisting, timeless adventure.

Garnet Havelock was never truly a girls man, this individual has always been around the shyer aspect. In the initial grade he had the biggest grind on Evvie McFadden. This individual walked over to her desperate for her to see him. Unable to find his words he ended up kicking her inside the shin, sending the little woman toppling in the class Xmas tree. This kind of shyness continued into high school where he wasn't very confident about himself only getting girls who used him. Talking to his mother this individual confided in her about how he actually felt regarding himself " I was like a shadow. ” (pg 16)

All through elementary school Garnet was called a problems maker and class hindrance. Later to have his school realize that he was a skilled student, he previously a photo graphic memory. Garnet is very smart with all he does. In high school this individual carried the students debate regarding love first. He supported all of his arguments with sound reasoning. At some point in high school he earned was known as " Lex” to get his considerable vocabulary " I earned the moniker, lex, in grade 10 by asking Ronny Stratton to hand me the lexicon during an English vocabulary exercise. ”(pg 9)

Lastly Garnet learned that he's very brave. When he initial realized this individual loved Raphella he didn't know how to way her and so he continued to wait to see...

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