Monthly pension planning

 Essay about Pension preparing


Accounting & Finance Front Sheet

NB. This sheet must be attached to any submission of Accounting & Finance field module coursework designed to the Student Evaluation Office. Not any assignment will be accepted with out it. Term of Prospect _________________________________________

College student Number _________________________________________

Title of Module ___________________________________________

Title of Coursework _________________________________________

Marking Teacher ______________________________________________

Submit Date _______________________________________________

Extension Approved to_________________________________________

Directory before distribution

1 Have you read, comprehended and served in accordance with the referencing guidelines set out in the appropriate Accounting & Fund Module Guidebook. 2 Where you have got to quoted directly from or where you have paraphrased the effort of others, perhaps you have acknowledged and appropriately referenced the source of your quotation in your body of the textual content? 3 Perhaps you have placed almost all direct quotes in inverted commas?

four Have you outlined and appropriately cited all your sources inside your bibliography?

Declaration by the candidate named previously mentioned

1 We confirm that this really is my own job (or, when it comes to a group job, the work of my group) and that, even though I may have got consulted other folks in the course of assembling material intended for the work, the finished document has been completed without help or perhaps participation of any other person (other than, in group assignments, additional members of the identical group).

2 The work contains no material drawn from unattributed sources.



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