Poseidon inside the Odyssey

 Essay regarding Poseidon in the Odyssey

Poseidon in The Odyssey

The Odyssey, by Homer, is definitely the archetype of all heroic tales. In this impressive poem, lots of the Greek gods are involved in Odysseus' journey, however, not all influence him (Odysseus) in a positive way. Durring his trip, Poseidon, the ocean god, looks for revenge upon Odysseus and makes sure his quest to settle home is very difficult.

In book one particular, it is presented that Poseidon has rage agaist Odysseus. The presenter, or muse, would sing, " But all of the god pitied Master Odysseus, all but Poseidon, flaming cold and rough agaist the courageous king till he came up ashore eventually on his own terrain... " (Homer, 29). In this article, it is described that many from the gods will be goin to attempt to help Odysseus on his way, and have symphathy for him. Poseidon, alternatively, is going to do anything at all in his capacity to stop Odysseus from gonna Ithaca.

Inside the passage of Calyso, the ocean nymph (Book 5), it is again revealed that Poseidon would like to make Odysseus suffer on the path to his homeland. After Calypso " permits" Odysseus to leave her isle, he begins to construct a raft to sail aside in. The narroration says, "... Odysseus builds a raft and sets travel, but the sea god Poseidon is by not any means prepared to allow a fairly easy passage over his watery domain. He raises bad weather and ruins the raft. " (Holt, 654) By simply destroying Odysseus' raft, this causes him to almost drown (however, with the godess Athena's support, he survives). In this scence, it is viewed once more that Poseidon has gone out of his method to make the hero, Odysseus, miserable.

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