Powdered Drinks

 Essay about Powdered Fruit drinks


Set of questions:

1 . What brand/s of flavored juice product do you usually acquire? Please rank according to preference.

(1 – as the utmost preferred; a couple of – since the 2nd many preferred; several – because the 3rd the majority of preferred and thus on…)

__ Tang

__ Magnolia

__ My Juiz

__ Kool Aid

__ Nutri C

__ Sundays

__ Other folks, please specify: ___________________________________________

installment payments on your What brand/s of iced tea merchandise do you generally buy? Please rank relating to choice.

(1 – as the most favored; 2 – as the 2nd most favored; 3 – as the 3rd most favored and so on…)

__ Nestea

__ 8 O'Clock

__ Lipton

__ C2

__ Oishi

__ Others, please specify: ___________________________________________

3. Which in turn do you prefer having most? Tasting Juices or Iced Tea? ____________________

some. If you like flavored juices, what are your preferred flavors?

(1 – as the most preferred; two – because the 2nd most preferred; several – as the 3rd the majority of preferred therefore on…)

__ Mango__ Ponkan__ Apple

__ Orange__ Calamansi__ Orange Mango

__ Pineapple__ Lemonade__ Blueberry Orange

__ Grape __ Pomelo__ 4 Seasons

__ Strawberry__ Melon__ Others, you should specify: _____________________

5. What other flavors would you want/recommend being available in the market? ____________________________________________________________


six. What do you usually buy? Powdered or perhaps Liquid drinks? _______________

six. If you choose powdered drinks, in plans of what would you generally buy?

__ Litro Packs (35 grams)

__ 200 grams

__ 400 grms

__ six hundred grams

__ 800 grams

__ 1 ) 2 kilos

__ Other folks, please identify: ________________________

How come? ____________________________________________________________


8. How often do you buy this product?

__ Everyday

__ 2x a week

__ Every Week

__ When Every Month

__ Others, make sure you specify: ___________________________

9. How often do you drink this...

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