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Business Integrity

Chapter 5:

Corporate Social


Lecturer: Ty


Presenter: Hang


Goal of this demonstration:

At the end on this presentation, you ought to be able to

identify and explain:

1 . Company social responsibility

2 . Degree of responsibility

three or more. Model of responsibility

4. The economic model of corporate cultural responsibility

your five. The philanthropic model of corporate and business social responsibility 6. The social world wide web model of business social responsibility

7. The integrative type of corporate cultural responsibility

8. Reputation administration

9. Really does corporate cultural responsibility is useful for business

Open up decision stage: Walmart's Ethics

пЃ± Walmart provide economic benefits to shareholder, buyer, supplier, worker and neighborhoods.

пЃ± Walmart foundation provide fund to charitable organizations, began an initiative to promote sustainability both in a unique operation in addition to the products it sells.

пЃ± Bribery in Mexico, a deception and manipulation related to pricing and marketing, low labor cost (salary and benefit of employees), employees function overtime, Splendour ( employ more women than men in low position), Use illegitimate workers pertaining to paying much less, Walmart was your causes of losing local businesses, give cheaper to suppliers.

Does Walmart is an ethical organization??

Corporate cultural responsibility activities can guarantee 1 business is usually an ethical business??

What is corporate sociable responsibility??

Corporate and business social responsibility is make reference to a code of perform and actions beyond precisely what is required by laws, rules, and transact rules.

a few things to completely focus:

пЃ± Financial responsibility (profit)

пЃ± Cultural responsibility (People)

пЃ± Environmental responsibility (Planet)

Level of obligations:

1 . Work or accountability: Business must not sell an item that causes trouble for customers, regardless if there would be money in doing and so.

Example: Asbestos…….

2 . It is a responsibility in order to avoid harm, actually not the reason for that trouble

Example: Pharmaceutical firm Merck…….

3. It is just a good thing to complete

Example: non-profit foundation, setting program pertaining to

communities project…

4 models of corporate social responsibility:

1 . The economic view of corporate cultural responsibility

2 . The philanthropic of corporate social responsibility

3. The social web or nationality of corporate social responsibility 4. The integrative or strategic of corporate cultural responsibility

The economic type of CSR

A company has responsibility to fulfill the economic features that business were created to serve.

пЃ± Business functions in order to follow the maximum revenue for investors.

пЃ± Organization committed to getting as successful as possible.

пЃ± Business keeps a strong competitive position.

пЃ± Business maintains a high level of operating effectiveness. пЃ± An effective business thought as one that can be consistently successful.

For the economic perspective of this CSR, it refuses that business have any social obligations beyond the economic and legal ends for which it was creates.

The philanthropic of CSR

Business contribute to the contemporary society because they presume that it is a good and proper things to do, it is far from an honest obligation to allow them to do that.

Business doing that not for searching for the profit nevertheless instead to make a good reputation, and for making a fantastic public

relationship in the world.

пЃ± An area branch of financial institution might give money to fund the

getting uniforms for a school sport team.

пЃ± A medical care company might donate a college building inside the remote area.

пЃ± The other voluntary and charity activities inside the society.

The social internet or citizenship of CSR

Business is dealing with the internet of social relationship


Stakeholders really are a group or individual who can impact or be affected by the business, such as: consumers, staff, owners

(shareholders), suppliers, unions, the environment, neighborhoods,...

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