Survey on experiment determining the percentage of copper in the water piping ore malachite.

 Essay about Report about experiment identifying the percentage of copper in the copper ore malachite.

Deciding the Percentage of Copper within a Copper Ore

Aim: To look for the percentage of copper present in malachite.

Speculation: That the percentage of water piping in the malachite will be several percent.

Components: 2 x 250mL beaker, pestle, malachite, sulfuric acid, water, two x filtration paper, direct, filter stand,

Safety Precautions: Put on safety spectacles at all times when dealing with chemical substances and apron to avoid destroying clothes.


Record the mass from the malachite test. Place the malachite into the 250mL beaker through adding 20-30mL of dilute sulfuric acid. Possible until the reaction features slowed down after which gently grind the malachite into good pieces using the pestle. Keep the blend for about 10 minutes mixing occasionally.

When ever there is no indication of even more reaction add about 10mL of normal water to the combination. Allow to settle and then filtering into the different 250mL beaker. Rinse the remains remaining inside the beaker with 10mL of water and filter this too. All things considered the the liquid has been filtered discard the filter daily news and unreacted solids.

Place a small amount of steel wool in to the beaker and leave immediately.

Note the weight of the piece of filtering paper. Filtration system the solution and rinse the sturdy copper outstanding on the filtering paper with 50mL if water. Discard the filter. Allow the filtration paper to dry overnight and record the mass.


Mass of Malachite 23. 1g

Mass of filtration paper 1 . 2g

Mass of filtration paper and copper 1 . 9g

Therefore , Mass of copper 0. 7g

Percentage of water piping in malachite sample installment payments on your 25%


The research went well and there were very few complications. The only trial and error difficulty was during the very first time the solution has to be filtered and the filter newspaper became blocked up and it took quite a long time to drain through and a small amount of the liquid may haven’t filtered through. The research could have been increased by upgrading the filtration system paper because it became blocked with a new part, making the...


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