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Ficus pseudopalma is a species of fig regarded by the prevalent names Philippine fig, Dracaena fig, and Palm-leaf fig. in nature it is native to the island to the Thailand, especially the area of Luzon. It is known elsewhere while an ornamental plant.

This belongs to the family Moraceae. The species name, pseudopalma, refers to the comparable appearance of the species to a small palm tree. Also, it is cultivated in Hawai.

It truly is described as a great erect plant, glabrous, unbranched; leaves subsessile, crowded at tips of branches and giving overall look of a tiny palm, blades oblanceolate, to 30 extended range, nearly cordate, acute to acuminate, coarsely sinuate-toothed, stipules persistent, lanceolate, 2-3 in long; figs paired, ovoid, green, to 1 0.5 in long, short-peduncled.

This species is planted due to the unique contact form and gives seen a small side. It is at times planted in Hawai'i and is also only known from some cultivated sites on Maui. It is not regarded as invasive. F. pseudopalma is definitely cultivated in numerous tropical and sub-tropical parts of the world.

SPECULATION: If Ficus Pseudopalma fruits contains saponin, then it can kill cold-blooded organisms just like the cockroach.

TROUBLE: How will cockroaches react once Ficus Psedopalma fruit draw out is applied on it?


1) How fast may Ficus Pseudopalma extract destroy cockroaches when compared with other brand products? 2) How adequate will it be for the use of humans?

3) In what sort of conditions will it be useful?


This research aims to:

1) produce a less costly yet powerful cockroach fantastic

2) compare the use of a chemical product into a natural a single 3) Use a main all-natural ingredient within a cockroach great.


Similar to most countries today, the Thailand are producing populations of cockroaches due to different conditions and effects in the country. The utilization of chemical goods only adds up to the air pollution we are encountering. There is, therefore a compelling need to seek out natural ingredients in pesticides that will be effective in decreasing the citizenry of infestations especially cockroaches.

Ficus Pseudopalma or lubi-lubi is a great endemic plant of the Thailand. It naturally grows in different area. Additionally it is located in many parts of the Philippines specifically in the Bicol region. Based upon our readings, it contains a substance named saponin. Saponins are quite simply phyto-chemicals that happen to be found in almost all of the vegetables that indicate foaming properties. Additionally it is a poisonous material that can kill cold-blooded organisms. We decided to utilize fruit of the plant because it is produced in vast quantities so we all will have enough ingredients inside our product. Yet we is only going to use the unripe fruit must be scientist offers mentioned that as it matures, it gradually decreases in degree of toxicity until when ever ripe, it has no more.

We expect this kind of research to be a success so that we could help cure the number of cockroaches in the country. And thus that we can easily lower the probability of pollution applying this natural ingredient in the research.


Each of our hunting of problems required days to finish (or even get started). We have been brainstorming, asking the elder kinds, our friends as well as ourselves. We have shared ideas and info on many things just like making glue, soap, a gadget and ultimately decided to help to make a pesticide which provided us confusion. Of all the plants in the world we have talked about daily, starting from cassava, guava, oregano and tuba-tuba, we arrived at this strange-looking plant we all always observe from school until our houses- the lubi-lubi. By requesting the elder ones and surfing the internet, we also available plants that individuals could want to work with. And by gathering data about...

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