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Green Banking Practice & Customer Response in Bangladesh

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Mister. Muzahidul Islam


Office of Bank and Insurance

University of Dhaka

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Israt Jahan


fourteenth Batch

Dept. of Banking & Insurance

University of Dhaka

Date of Submitting: August '04, 2013.


Bank is actually a financial institution whose main function is to mobilize fund via surplus economic system to debt economy. Banks collect deposit at the lowest possible cost and offer loans and advances at higher cost. The between two is the profit for the bank. But bank has some tasks and responsibilities for the society as well as the world. Green Banking principle is one of them. Green bank is a element of the global effort by a number of stakeholders to save lots of environment. It implies promoting environmental-friendly practices and reducing co2 footprint from your banking actions. Green bank is like that of normal bank, which thinks all the social and environmental factors with an aim to protect the surroundings and save natural resources.


The banking sector can enjoy a significant role in guarding the environment simply by financing support to high-impact environmentally very sensitive sectors. Included in the Rio+20 Peak, Bangladesh and Vietnam with each other organized a side celebration on 06 19, 2012, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to discuss how to guarantee green advancement in the foundation of speedily changing weather. Global warming can be an issue that calls for a worldwide response. The rapid change in climate will be too wonderful to allow many eco-systems to suitably conform, since the alter have direct impact on biodiversity, agriculture, forestry, dry land, water resources and human wellness. Banks keep a unique placement in an economy that can impact production, organization and other monetary activities through their financing schemes and thus may bring about protect environment. It means promoting environmental-friendly practices and minimizing carbon impact from the financial activities. Green banking does not only improve its own specifications but likewise affect socially responsible tendencies of additional business. It is additionally called an ethical financial institution or a eco friendly bank.


Behind every important operate there is a target. Otherwise it will probably be meaningless to perform a task. I've determined my personal objectives in back of preparing the report for the topic " Green Bank Practice & Customer Response in Bangladesh”. The Objectives are:

• To acquire precious knowledge about Green Financial concept. • To identify rules and compliance of Green Banking actions in Private Banking Sector of Bangladesh. • To analyze the customer response and support towards Green Banking activities in Bangladesh.

Literature Assessment

Green Financial means advertising environmental-friendly methods and minimizing carbon footprint from the financial activities. Green banking is a lot like that of normal banking, which usually considers all of the social and environmental elements with a great aim to guard the environment and conserve all-natural resources. Green Banking is known as a recent issue introduced in banking sector. Some studies and articles about Green Banking had been examined by me to make this report. In the document " Bangladesh Bank takes step on Green Banking” in October one particular, 2011, in ‘The Daily Star' concludes the issuance of rules on green banking and Environmental Risk Management (ERM) by Bangladesh Traditional bank. It also are the initial actions taken by the Bangladesh Lender, like, traditional bank introduced Tk 2 . 0 billion refinance line intended for financing solar powered energy, biogas and effluent treatment plant (ETP) at only 5 percent interest rate. One more article " Green Banking” written by Farooq Hossan, in November 18, 2012, in ‘The Daily Star' states Green bank considers cultural factors with environmental elements. In this article we all learn, as part of the Rio+20 Summit, Bangladesh and Vietnam jointly...

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