Research Dissertation

Evaluating the Research Process

University of Phoenix


Carita Higgs


Judith Curry


This paper gives a materials review upon Cognitive activation therapy in Alzheimer's disease. The trial was give to determine the effectiveness of cognitive excitement therapy inside the treatment of neuropsychiatric symptoms in patients with Alzheimer's disease. There study was given within a randomized, controlled, rater-blind clinical trial in a military sanatorium. There were thirty two patients that have mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease that offers neuropsychiatric symptoms. All sufferers were put in cognitive or perhaps controlled groups for up to 12 weeks. The effective measures taken include the Mini Mental State Examination as well as the Neuropsychiatric Products on hand.

Alzheimer's disease is a condition characterized by damage in multiple cognitive areas, impairment inside the ability to carry out daily activities, and a number of neuropsychiatric and behavioral. An individuals with Alzheimer's disease experience neuropsychiatric symptoms like agitation and disturbances throughout their illnesses. When an specific has neuropsychiatric problems it does not only impacts their quality of life but as well put burdens on their family members. There are previous studies that show that cognitive stimulation/training therapy combined with pharmacological medication can support or boost cognitive function in moderate to average Alzheimer's disease patients.

Part of Materials review in this research content

The part of the books review in the following paragraphs points out things that was taken in the trial to help the people involved to help control the depression and apathy making use of the cognitive activation process. The present study is far more focused on raising the research of cognitive activation on the individuals with neuropsychiatric symptoms in individuals with the Alzheimer's disease...

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