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This logistic report analyzes Schlumberger Ltd. performance as one of the leading oilfield services provider. This statement also outlines Schlumberger main activities, financial status, businesses and techniques. It will also explain why this is an important firm for a logistic class. BRIEF SUMMARY

The supply chain in oil and gas consists of providers (oil companies), main technicians, subcontractors and suppliers. With this order, whilst governments and companies research alternative resources, Oil and Gas businesses are focused to find new ways to formulate and deploy technology to further improve exploitation of existing fields and fresh potential possible areas. With that prospective, APPLE Oil and gas 2030 report (IBM, 2010) considered the application of new-technology progress through oil service providers as a friendly solution to meet this needs especially when main oil procedures have become progressively risk-averse, much less economical, and technically more difficult.

Schlumberger, with headquarters in New York as well as the Antilles is one of the main oil field company. The company has also become the most effective technical innovator in going, computing- primarily based calculations and 3D views of the subsurface oil operations. (Market Intelligences 2010) Schlumberger also delivers engineered alternatives from tank to surface area, with a give attention to increased hydrocarbon recovery. (Schlumberger, 2011) Businesses

Schlumberger is highly diversified. Actually the corporation operates in 85 countries taking care of its organization through thirty-three GeoMarket areas, which are assembled into 4 geographic areas: North America, Latin America, European countries, CIS & Africa and Middle East & Asia. Canada's Schlumberger head office is found in Calgary, Alberta and in your area its petrol operations are spreading in 30 locations across Canada. (Schlumberger, 2011)....

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