Southwestern Ohio Steel Company L

 Southwestern Ohio Steel Organization L Essay

Case Evaluation – Sw Ohio Stainlesss steel Company, T. P.: The Matworks Decision Submitted by Group -19, BBMK Section B

Anish Sengupta (13407) Pushkar Parashar (13439) Payal R Singh (13533) Kiran Sunny (13622) TAPMI, Manipal

Case Qualifications:

Southwestern Kentkucky Steel Limited Partnership (SOSLP) was a supplier of metallic to many significant and little organisations. Completely approximately 500 customers as well as top 25 customers constituted two – third from the company's sales. SOSLP buyers had a long standing relationship with its customers which was established through mutual value, loyalty and good organization understanding. Matworks was among the important buyer of SOSLP which a new long standing romantic relationship and certain business with SOSLP each year. But on the other hand from previous years Matworks number is definitely declining in SOSLP's top rated customer list. Also their particular order volume is also suffering Y-o-Y. Just lately Dan Pat, Vice President of SOSLP received a notice from Mathworks with a odd request of SOSLP's engagement in sponsoring a portion of Matworks annual sales meeting. SOSLP never promoted in such a way nor do they have any finances allocation intended for such sort of promotion. Although however Mathworks being one of the important customer it absolutely was not so possible for SOSLP to turn down their request because the decision considered now could determine the near future relationship among SOSLP and Mathworks. Advertising activities of SOSLP:

SOSLP believed in long term interactions through loyalty, honesty, ethics and available, cooperative techniques hence all their spending on further advertising and promotions had been less than 1 percent of sales. Few activities carried out privately, in private were giving mugs, niche advertising parts, an occasional lunch or seat tickets to a Cincinnati oh. reds snowboarding game. Though on one event golf outing, snacks and drinks was organised nonetheless it was not in the planned plans of SOSLP. Following is usually our Notification of transmittal to Lalu Wilson.

Letter of Transmittal


To the south western Kansas Steel LP

Group nineteen

Advisory panel, Sales

25th October 2014


Lalu Wilson,

Vp, Sales

Subject matter: Decision record on notice from Matworks which asks for sponsorship You should find attached the decision survey on Matworks. We have prepared a detailed record outlining the implications for every single possible course of action. We have attempted to address the two short term & long term trouble. This is then recommendations based on the evaluation of options. We are submitting this survey for your consideration and required action. We hope you find the report sufficient & in touch with your requirements. Alternatives Provided by SOSLP:

1 . Accept the request via Mathworks and participate in recruiting a portion of Mathworks total annual sales appointment 2 . Deny the request from Matworks for recruiting in the twelve-monthly sales appointment Analysis of Alternatives:

Alternate 1:


Learning about opponents – Through interactions the subsequent information may be gained in relation to SOSLP's competitors – 1 . The products and technology they are really offering installment payments on your Their selling strategy (risky or conservative) 3. Consumers 4. All their budget and promotions New business opportunities – Valuable ideas about Matworks competitors who are able to be potential customers Relationship building – Further more relations may be solidified and might be fruitful in the future if the salespeople proceed to other agencies. Improve corporate image – This type of campaign and marketing might be the new marketing pattern in the industry to make corporate picture and hence SOSLP will keep u with this by going ahead with the 1st alternative Up-to-date research-...

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