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Short report for Director of Customer Solutions

Hermes Sales and marketing communications Company,

35 Plaza,


In the recent past, based on the market research prepared and executed by office of marketing, it had been observed more and more of your customers begun to complain regarding our companies.

With problems that were shown to our Customer satisfaction department about problems with hooking up our helpline, our latest telephone with wide display screen that has a problem with quick drain of cellphone battery, trouble about the subscriber that had been promised with six months cheap-rate calls towards the US with had his service taken without justification and a client with can be worried about her health because of microwave the radiation from cell phones.

I'd like to suggest few advancements of our solutions for the customers just like hiring a handful of more people to our helpline alas withdrawing stress contact form our uses, remodeling each of our newest cellular phones batteries if it is possible, producing on bins that our phones don't give any microwave radiations and some more which i will send in monthly overview.

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Irish dealer in trouble


First we intend to discuss the setting of the entree, what performed happened? Who had been involved by this accident? Etc . Than we give an review of the actions the Titan stores sequence took to handle. And in the final we give several recommendations for the SPSF, how to approach this situation. The importance of this survey is that these days there is a description of the accident from several views. Which report offers some tips for the Contemporary society for the Prevention of Software Fraud(SPSF), how to respond in this condition

* The backdrop of the crisis

According into a BBC tv set documentary the Titan retailers chain offers bought unlawful copies of the computer game ВґRace against timeВґ. Titan stores chain offers sold over 50. 000 packs from the game. In respect to an confidential employee of Titan...

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