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Subject: Café sobre Coral


Cheung Ho Tang

Lau Wing Sze

Leung Wing Kit

Ng Chi Man

Table of content

Cover Page


Executive Brief summary


Evaluation of market situation:

-PEST Analysis

-SWOT Analysis

-Michael' Porter's Five Forces Version

Business collection Analysis:

-GE Matrix

-Growth Strategies

-Positioning strategies

-Conclusion and suggestion

Executive Brief summary

We are going to perform project to be able to figure out difficulty found in the portfolio of Café Para Carol. Because it shown which the growth rate of the sales and income in slower slope, so we try to research and plan strategy to help the business, by using the strategy in Ideal Marketing Supervision to solve. That might be involving GENERAL ELECTRIC matrix, Placing, Growth Technique. We aim for to find out the organization strength level and organization attractiveness level, also examine which location and place is Café De Carol correct in. Alternatively, figure out the purpose of difference with other rivals as well as give solve method to increase the elegance is more crucial. Introduction

Café de Coral formations Group (0341) is the most significant publicly listed Chinese Junk food restaurant group in the world with over 330 outlets in Asia Pacific cycles region, and also 200 speedy service eating places in America. Among a total of over 540 outlets, over 120 outlets and 75 retailers are controlled under the household name of Café de Coral and Fresh Asia Dabao, whereas over 200 shops are working under the leading brand of Manchu Wok and 20 shops operating under the name of Oliver's Super Sandwiches. Specialty eating places include Spaghetti House, Energico le Café, Super Super Congee and Noodles, Bistro M and Ah Yee Leng New tong/tanga, as well as the well-researched institutional wedding caterers business beneath the tradename of Asia Pacific Catering. INFESTATIONS Analysis


Import requirements for foodstuff are enforced for public health reasons. Selected high risk imported food like milk, dairy food, frozen facture, meat and poultry will be governed simply by subsidiary guidelines of the Public Health and City Services Ordinance. Import of game requires the prior agreement of the Foodstuff and Environmental Hygiene Office and importance of meat and poultry is limited to sources recognized by the Division. All providing service market is governed by the code. Café Sobre Carol can be facing troubles when they are launching more twigs in the future. Economical

Prosperity expansion in Hk economy, the GDP and average income per person boost eventually, bring about increase the demand of catering service, Folks are more ready to dine out, so that induce the wedding caterers industry, enhance revenue. As, Hong Kong overall economy has better, with pumpiing expected to store rents and staff costs will surge sharply, taking a strong fresh brand need to reduce the " new" revenue, so that the net interest rate Café De Carol the next few years is probably not able to eight to ten percent. Second, cost control, I believe there may be still very much room to get improvement Café De Carol, because that they operate within a high work intensity. Also the price index affecting Café De Carol‘s business:

|Latest Statistics

|Consumer Selling price Indices (October 2009 - September 2010 = 100) |Index intended for Oct |% change | | |2011 | | |Composite Buyer Price Index |107. 9 |+5. 8 | |Consumer Price Index (A) |108. 7 |+5. 2 | |Consumer Value Index (B) |107. five |+6. zero |...

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