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Component 1 Analyze Guide

Guidelines: Complete the Pretest! In that case, complete this study guideline as you are completing your lessons and projects. Remember, this kind of study guidebook does not count for a class. It is to assist you to understand the component and plan for your Conversation Based Examination.

Lesson 1 . 01 Arranged the Stage

1 . Identity three problems that emperors faced if the borders with their empires widened:

Match the important events from the Roman Empire:

2 . ____ 1000 BCE a. Both roman empire regulates Italian Peninsula 3. ____ 509 BCE b. Punic Wars

4. ____ 275 BCE c. Julius Caesar conquers Western Europe 5. ____ 264 BCE-146 BCE d. The italian capital is founded

6. ____ 58-51 BCE e. The italian capital sets up Republic 7. ____ 44 BCE f. Both roman Empire extends to height of its electricity 8. ____ 27 BCE g. Augustus takes control over Rome being unfaithful. ____ two hundred CE they would. Julius Caesar assassinated.

twelve. Describe two reasons for why the Roman Empire split up into eastern and western parts.

Match metropolis with its importance to the Subtil Empire

14. ____ Antioch a. government center of Italian area 12. ____ Alexandria m. capital of Sicily 13. ____ Ravenna c. faith based center 13. ____ Syracuse d. authorities center or Eastern area

List the places the fact that following autorite controlled.

12-15. The Persian empire handled...

16. The Roman Empire controlled...

18. The Subtil Empire controlled...

18. The Ottoman Empire controlled...

Lessons 1 . 02 Monotheistic Made use of

Fill in this chart applying terms from the word financial institution

| |Judaism |Christianity |Islam | |Prophets | | | | |Messiah | | | | |Holy Book | | | | |House of Praise | | | | |Religious Frontrunners | | | | |Holy Sites | | | | |Sects | | | | |Basic Beliefs | | |

1 . 03: The Expansion of Islam

Directions: while examining the lesson, fill in the blanks with key terms.

This lesson explores the __________________ or propagate, of the __________________ faith from the beginnings inside the seventh 100 years to today. Although the most significant numbers of Muslims live in ___________, ____________, and __________________ supporters of the Islamic faith constitute sizable community groups in Europe in addition to North America. Muhammad had been talking the ____________ given him by the angel Gabriel in ____________. His teachings stressed the belief in and ____________ to a solitary god. Islam means: ____________ to the will of God. A ____________ is someone one who submits to the will of God. From the time of ____________, Arab merchants carried their ____________ beliefs with them and shared these the people with whom that they traded. Through ____________ and...

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