Seniors, a Susceptible Population

 Essay regarding The Elderly, a Vulnerable Inhabitants

The Elderly, a vulnerable human population

Nina Darkish

BSHS 301 Introduction to Individual Services

Sept. 2010 20, 2011

University of Phoenix

Alberto Reynoso

Seniors, a prone population

Many portions of the population can show up prey to the abuses of others, it can be physical, mental, sexual, and even financial; the elderly can be a vulnerable group. The elderly can be susceptible to impacts that can be damaging to their well- being (physical and mental) and financial stability. The abuse in the elderly may come from the hands of children, husband and wife, partners, as well as caregivers both at home or perhaps in an institutional setting. Each year there are more and more reported cases of abuse towards the elderly human population and many more that occur are certainly not reported. Patients are frail and not able to take care of themselves and depend on other to help meet their particular basic demands leaving all of them at their particular mercy. Awareness of elderly abuse is important since older People in america comprise the fastest growing segment of the population with all the remainder of Baby Boomers set to reach grow older 65 in the next decade . 5. Abuse against the elderly occurs within ethnic, cultural, ethnic, and financial groups in spite of religion or socioeconomic status. Elderly mistreatment has been utilized for many years returning to old times when the elderly populations were misused and discarded after their performance expired. This kind of phenomenon arrived at light when ever domestic violence and kid abuse had been widely exposed and tips for interventions had been introduced. Data gathered in 1970 showed results of older abuse were more significant than at first presumed. In 1973 the More mature Americans Take action was passed, and it set the foundation for upcoming federal courses that help protect the rights of senior citizens (Lachs & Pillemer, 1995). More than 20 years ago legislation was passed in california that required health care...

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