The psychological listening: building the city from the citizens

 Essay about The emotional listening: building the city through the citizens

15th TCI

16th-19th Oct 2012


Alfredo Rodríguez-Berzosa

Partener Director

Tarazaga Emotional Organization Management

It seems that today politicians happen to be disconnected from citizens' issues. In some way they may have made up a brand new caste with privileges based on political parties above the great and evil.

This notion widens when ever severe moments take place since it happens presently with the financial crisis in Spain.

Citizens demand more engagement in the decision process due to it depend their living conditions, education, health, entertainment, and the opportunities of any brighter long term.

At the metropolitan level, people want to be portion of the city classification and creation as a output of themselves.

Sometimes it appears as if all their representatives could have understood the overall game. But a lot of the occasions they haven't.

When government authorities, regional regulators and local councils have attempted to provide a respond to such says, they have failed on the hearing procedure, whether or not we imagine the aim was sincere.

My spouse and i am essenti with the classic social study methods as being a system of founding a credible and citizen centered policy because of the limitation: the interviews, polls or target group only analyze the surface of the situation. Each uses methods based upon the deductive reasoning of public, happen to be established before, provide only descriptive results and many times they show what we previously knew.

Today is possible to penetrate inside mind of the human being intended for discovering the actual magic brain that decides our decision making is, including the end coming across our behavior.

Tarazaga Emotional Business Management has developed a new methodology pertaining to researching the collective unconscious of any human group, and so obtaining the psychological values that exists in to such group, being a organization, a unit of consumers, a crowd of traders, or the habitants of a city of territory.

We base each of our methodology, Inspiration Management©, for the latest innovations of the neuropsychology, the General Devices Theory, and aspects of the analytical mindset and other interpersonal and managing sciences. Each of our assumptions will be that:

1)The decision making process is a great emotional mechanism (Daniel Khaneman, Nobel Prize, has referred to the model).

2)The actions resides inside the emotional part of our brain (as proven by Antonio Damasio, Príncipe de Asturias Award).

3)There is a ordinaire mind in the human groups that drives their joint behaviour (following the principles of Jung.

Each of our research technique of Emotional Aspect with focus on ensembles permits to remove the emotional values being inherent in various social organizations to define strategies and plans lined up with these kinds of values.

A focus of the Motivation Management should be to control the root of the issue that will act as the basic source of a specific actions. Therefore once we got the emotional ideals, we design and style the psychological mapping, recognize the stated basic trigger, and we identify the strategic area of actions where to intervene for achieving the transformation.

The information of the mental keys of our stakeholders is usually basic to get setting up our positioning, the strategic way, the attributes of our providers, the marketing and communication policies…that is the actions that would reach the aprobacion and commitment.

We have applied it inside the corporate industry mainly for big companies and multinationals to different challenges: positioning and launching of businesses or products, labour conflicts, labour risks, leadership, consumer orientation, restructuring, change supervision and so on. One of the cases that as consultants we can reveal is that of Hunosa, the key Spanish mining organization, who once had the greatest accident charge with 6th average fatalities per year, after our input decreased drastically to abogado deaths for ever.


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