The Small Key

 Essay regarding The Small Crucial



Small Essential

By Silencio Latorena


On low, square nipa house


Soledad Buhay(Choleng)- the partner of Pedro buhay.

Pedro Buhay(Indo)- hubby of A?oranza.

Dr . Santos- doctor of Soledad.

Tia Maria- The housemaid of Soledad and Pedro.



" The Small Key" is actually a short story by Philippine author Serenidad Latorena. It really is about A?oranza, a woman in her mid-twenties who is wedded to a guy named Pedro Buhay. They will lived in a hut within a prosperous farmville farm away from neighbors. Soledad looked over the start of an numerous harvest with familiarity and discontent. M. RISING ACTION

She organized to mend a few of her husband's shirts, that were in a locked trunk. Pedro took away from his pocket a string which in turn held two keys: one particular large and shiny, the other small , and rusty. He gave Abandono the large step to his shoe and put the tiny key last his jacket pocket. Soledad was pained in the look of his face as he organised the small key. It was sizzling that early morning, and this individual absently taken out his clothing before giving to work in the discipline. When he was gone, A?oranza began to fold the coat and the small key chop down to the flooring. C. CLIMAXING

Soledad recognized that the little key opened up another trunk area: a small the one that lay half-concealed and unmarked, which included the garments of Pedro's first partner who passed away long ago. Your woman kept active to distract herself coming from thoughts showing how it poises to ruin her romantic relationship with her husband but ended up starting it eventually. Pedro returned home to find Soledad in the sack supposedly using a fever. This individual watched more than her every evening until the doctor showed up and told him that she had not been sick. В


Another morning Pedro discovered plenty of00 ashes and half burned clothing inside the backyard. This individual realized what Soledad got done and rushed to look in the trunk to verify it. Abandono has indeed burned his first wife's clothing. Electronic. RESOLUTION

Pedro tried to not get angry. He hoped that the incident may be recalled without...

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