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Long ago, during the time of the Both roman Republic, locations such as Baiae were popular coastal resorts for the rich. The term tourist utilized by 1772 and tourism by simply 1811. Thesis statement: The significance of tourism is for leisure, leisure or perhaps business purposes. It takes away stress in the busy metropolis and change this with a acceptable feeling that makes you feel more comfortable and satisfied.

I-Definition of tourism

II- Tourist spots of the Philippines

A. Davao tourism hot spots

1 . Pearl Farm Tropical isle Resort

installment payments on your Philippine eagle foundation

3. Eden mother nature park

four. Davao museum

5. Is definitely the park

6. Paradise isle

B. Palawan tourist spots

1 ) Puerto princesa

a. Puerto Princesa Subterranean Water National Recreation area (PPSRNP)

2 . Wildlife

a few. Underground lake

4. Tabon caves

5. Beaches

six. Archaeological tracks

C. Boracay tourist spots

1 ) Water fun

2 . Beach front combing

a few. Nightlife

some. Bat souterrain

5. Kar-tir seashell museum

D. City manila and environs hot spots

1 . Museums

2 . Tourist belt

3. Sunset chaussee

4. Food trip

five. Taal volcano

E. Cebu/Bohol/Camiguin tourist spots

1 . Magellan's cross

2 . Sinulog

3. Chocolate hills

5. Smallest goof

5. Isle of creativity

6. City Cebu

N. Laoag/Vigan tourism hot spots

1 . Older churches

2 . Beaches

three or more. Museums

four. Ancestral residences

G. Baguio/Banaue tourist spots

1 ) Summer capital

2 . Rice terraces

several. Weaver's paradise

H. Subic/Clark tourist spots

1 . Leisure

2 . Activities

three or more. Adrenaline dash

4. Duty-free shopping

5. Hot air balloon

Travel and leisure is a travel around for pastime, leisure or business purposes. It could be in just about any part of the community as long as it has a relaxing place, beautiful views and very good accommodation.


Have you ever dreamt of traveling all over the world of viewing amazing locations. Travel and Experience the Thailand 7, 107 islands, the natural magic, colorful and warm interesting people. Among its well-liked and exceptional sights are: Boracay beach front, Pearl farm building island hotel, marine life and beaches which will surely test out your adventurism. Observe the divine beauty of nature in the Philippines and experience the unfogetable leisure you've ever been knowledgeable. Because nothing's worth much more than experience.

This simple term paper aims to:

1 . Describe the nature of travel and leisure;

2 . Check out the beauty of mother nature; and

several. List down some beautiful top places to visit in the Thailand. Furthermore, this kind of paper as well aims to answer the following inquiries: 1 . Precisely what is tourism?

installment payments on your How to explore the beauty of the nature in the thailand? 3. What are some amazing places to visit inside the Philippines? The researcher collected the data or pieces of data presented in this term newspaper through library and net only.

The Pearl farm building Island Holiday resort is located in a secluded Samal Island from the coast of Davao metropolis. The Pearl Farm Isle Resort is the foremost place to loosen up and loosen up. It is about 45 minutes simply by boat via Davao metropolis. Aptly named the Treasure Farm,...

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