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The Workmen's Compensation Action, 1923

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The passing of Workmen's Payment Act in 1923 was the first step towards social secureness of workmen. The theory with this act is the fact " the expense of product ought to bear blood of the workman”. This Action provides reimbursement to specific classes of workmen by way of a employers intended for injury, that could be suffered, by the workmen since result of a major accident during the course of work.


To supply Compensation to Workmen to get accidental personal injury and occupational diseases coming during and in the course of employment.

Applicability of Work

This Act is applicable to all employments in which the ESI Work is not applicable.


" Dependent” means any of the following relatives of a deceased workman, namely:

(i) A widow, a minor legit or implemented son, and unmarried reputable or used daughter, or possibly a Widowed mom; and (ii) If wholly dependent on the income of the workman at the time of his death, a son or a daughter who has attained age 18 years and that is infirm; (iii) If totally or simply dependent on the earnings of the workman at the time of his death, (a) A widower,

(b) A parent apart from a widowed mother,

(c) A minor illegitimate son, an single illegitimate child or a girl legitimate or perhaps Illegitimate or perhaps adopted in the event that married and a minor or if widowed and a minor, (d) A minor brother or an single sister or maybe a widowed sis if a minimal, (e) A widowed daughter-in-law,

(f) A small child of the pre-deceased child,

(g) A minor child of a pre-deceased little girl where zero parent in the child is definitely alive, or perhaps (h) A paternal grandparent if not any parent from the workman is usually alive.

Explanation: For the purposes of sub-clause (ii) and things (f) and (g) of sub-clause (iii), references into a son, little girl or kid includes a great adopted child, daughter or perhaps child correspondingly;

" Employer”

Includes any person of persons whether integrated or certainly not, and any kind of managing agent of an workplace, and the legal representative of a deceased company, and, if the services of any workman will be temporarily lent or permit on hire to another person by person with whom the workman provides entered into a contract of assistance or apprenticeship, means such other person while the workman is employed by him;


Includes any privilege or benefit which can be capable of being estimated in money, other than a venturing allowance and also the value of any travelling concession or possibly a contribution paid out by the workplace a workman towards any pension or perhaps provident pay for or a amount paid into a workman to protect any unique expenses required on him by the mother nature of his employment;


Means anyone (other than a person whose employment is of a casual characteristics and who may be employed in any other case than intended for the uses of the employer's trade or perhaps business) who may be - (I) a railway servant since defined in clause (34) of section 2 with the Railways Take action, 1989 (24 of 1989), not once and for all employed in virtually any administrative, section or sub-divisional office of a railway but not employed in such capacity being specified in Schedule II. 140


Disablement means loss in capacity to operate or to maneuver. Disablement minimizes a worker's earning ability. Disablement might be partial or total. Further it may be temporary or permanent.

a. Partial disablement reduces the earning ability of a workman as a result of a few accident. n. Temporary part disablement reduces the getting capacity of your workman in the type of job he was engaged in at the time of incident. c. Everlasting partial disablement reduces the earning ability of a workman in every...

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