The Young these days Are Too Special for Their Individual Good. Will you Agree?

 Essay about The Young of Today Are very Pampered because of their Own Very good. Do You Concur?

Our group confirms to this issue.

- singaporean kids currently have maids to do every single thing for them, they become useless fools who also grow up not knowing actually, how to connect their shoe lace or rechausser their loaf of bread. pity...

-some even have a chauffer to ferry them around. In the end they do not know how to take open public transport. That is certainly basic needs of living in a culture like SIngaporean, yet they cannot know how to cater to themselves.

-Nowadays, youngsters stuff their sight to the computer and uses the internet like it is a part of their lives, they miss out all the effort and time of searching for ebooks in the selection.

-Students receive handphones at such a young age! In past times there was simply no such extravagance and each of our parents continue to manage to make it through! Handphones are generally not a neccesity, it is a tool of convenience that our culture is used to, making it needed.

-Furthermore, parents often provide their kids to dine in restaurants or places which can be air-conditioned. Therefore, they do not frequently eat in coffee outlets and make a complaint about the heat and uncleaniness of the available air eatery. This naturally shows that they are really pampered.

Some may beg to differ, that it must be because of the progress the contemporary society that causes children to reside such the best way, to have all of the amenities and privileges.

- However , youth adults should learn how to be independent and not ignore the good things they have today. This attitude is probably precisely what is causing them to be so pampered!

Staying too special by their parents and only finding out how to study and study and study somemore would not make them to develop and grow in the proper way. Seeing the attitudes of youths, for instance, shopping and spending money like nobody's business nowadays, reaffirms our stand that indeed, Singapore's youths today are very pampered because of their own very good.

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