Theory of Aussehen Therapy

 Essay about Theory of Gestalt Remedy

Theory of Aussehen Therapy

" What is Gestalt Therapy? ” This is a question that has divided therapists for decades. Although Aussehen Therapy is depending on a set of methods, it is finally the specialist own described style that means it is unique – from the theatrical techniques of Fritz Perls to the one on one approach of Jim Simken.

According to G. M. Yontef (Awareness, Dialogue and Process Pg 203), Aussehen Therapy is: 1 ) a introducing of consciousness

2 . it is based on the I and Thou speak to withdrawal procedure 3. it is world perspective is based on holism and discipline theory

Each one of us tries to make feeling of life's events, and therefore a considerable amount of period is spent in planning to analyse and explain these kinds of events. While Fritz Perls himself reports " …man does not perceive things since unrelated isolates, but sets up them inside the perpetual process into important wholes. ” (The Gestalt Approach and Eye Witness to Therapy). By being in a position to look at the lifestyle we business lead and to some extent to the suggestions that give this the form it includes, we can engender knowledge of the world around us and therefore a ‘field theory' which is fundamental to Gestalt Remedies are formed.

Discipline Theory

In ‘field theory' a person is a single with his environment and his behavior reflects this kind of aspect. " Behaviour is actually a function in the field which usually it is a component. Experiencing is likewise a function of the field that it is part”. (GM Yontef ibid pg 305).

Each field is organized by the dominant require of that instant. Once a need is felt, a figure floor formation develops. The individual complies with this want by calling the environment. Every time a need is achieved, the aussehen it prepared becomes full and that no longer applies an influence. The affected person is then free to form fresh gestalten. Unmet needs alternatively claim the attention and interfere with the formation of new designen.

Cycle of Contact

Gestalt formation is often accompanied by consciousness. (Fritz Perls, Hefferline & Goodman – Gestalt Remedy Pg 238). The point at which consciousness is formed is definitely the point of contact. In Gestalt remedy we find a four-phase procedure called the ‘cycle of contact'.

• Fore speak to – this can be a first period of the cycle where the person is aware of a need and the stability is annoyed. As this point the need is figure and everything else is usually ground.

• Get in touch with – in the contact phase, how the need is going to be met is evaluated. Every possibility of restoring the balance occurs, this opportunity becomes the figure, and the individual phone calls upon all his assets to conquer any obstacles that may be encountered. As he determines more and more with this speak to figure, it is more distinguished from the ground.

• Last contact uses the contact phase. Right here the individual turns into fully employed with the number. It is the top quality of this speak to that will right now determine whether or not the need is fulfilled. ‘It is the point where I knowledge " me” in relation to what is not " me”, when I experience " me” as distinct coming from " you”. (P. Clarkson + M. Mackewn – Fritz Perls Pg. 55)

• The fourth and last phase is " content contact” wherever one activities full fulfillment if get in touch with has been good and complete. At this point growth occurs and equilibrium is refurbished.

Sometimes the contact routine is disrupted. It is a part of our fundamental human capacity to transcend the specific situation in which we could interrupt the contacting process if it makes too much anxiousness or to never our liking. However , gestalt therapy emphasises non-confluence among therapist and client. Therefore, although the consumer can disrupt contact, the therapist, as they does not need any particular contact nevertheless relates to the actual client will, may not be disrupted and consumer may re-establish contact.

However , if a require arises and full contact is certainly not made, the importance will remain unmet and the gestalt will be unfinished and continue to demand...

References: The Total Restorative Context – the Craft of Gestalt Therapy: Theory & Practice – Bertram Muller Dipl. Psych

(From the Gestalt Review 1(2) 94-109, 1997)

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