To Kill a Mockingbird Chapters 16-21 Inquiries

 To Kill a Mockingbird Chapters 16-21 Questions Dissertation

Chapter sixteen:

1 . Atticus and his sister disagree upon many things, typically the treatment of colored people and how important the reputation of the finch family is. Alexandra think that she is previously mentioned colored persons, especially Calpurnia and that Atticus shouldn't let his kids go to house of worship her mainly because it's a disgrace to their family members. Atticus believe that colored people deserve a simlar amount of admiration as light people and that Calpurnia is part of the finch family and ought to be treated just like one.

2 . Atticus says simply a mafia is made up of people, despite the site or circumstance the mob is in. That's the truth, no labels attached, the mob is merely people.

a few. Mr. Underwood was covering up Atticus with the jail because even though he doesn't just like colored persons, he understood Atticus was doing his job nevertheless defending Mary Robinson.

some. Mr. Dolphus Raymond like to spend his time with colored people instead of persons of his own competition. The people of Maycomb dislike him for it and feel that he only prefers these people because he is continually under the influence of alcohol.

five. Judge Taylor appears to be a very laid back person, but in certainty he listens very carefully to everything persons say. I do think the Assess purposely serves like this in court so that people believe he's not paying attention and accidentally say something they will shouldn't have, think that this individual isn't paying attention anyway.

Section 17:

1 . Atticus desire to reveal that Mayella's accidental injuries match a thing that he father could carry out and not Jeff Robinson.

2 . The Ewell's are considered ‘poor white trash' because the live next to any or all the colored people, none of them operate, Mr. Ewell has eight children, none of them have got any ways and non-e of them bathe regularly.

Section 18:

1 ) Mayella is disgusting since she is an Ewell and they are very poor filthy people as well as the way the girl treats persons is filthy (p. 240). She is pathetic since she is constantly crying and it is trying to...

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