Cause and Result Paragraphs

 Essay on Cause and Effect Paragraphs

Current decades, cities have grown so large this description now about fifty percent of the Earth's population hails from urban areas. There are lots of reasons for this kind of occurrence. Initially, the raising industrialization from the nineteenth hundred years resulted in the creation of countless factory careers, which very located in cities. These jobs, with their assurance of a better material existence, attracted various people from rural areas. Second, there was many educational institutions established to teach the children from the new manufacturer laborers. The promise of a better education persuaded a large number of families to leave farming communities and move to the cities. Finally, as the cities grew, people founded places of leisure, entertainment, and tradition, such as sporting activities stadiums, theaters, and museums. For many people, these facilities produced city lifestyle appear better than existence on the farm building, and therefore attracted them away from rural communities.

Notice how each assisting sentence can be described as cause that explains the effect mentioned in the topic word. In the chart below are the primary ideas with the above passage, to help you understand the relationships better:


(Topic Sentence)


(Supporting Sentences)

Cities have raised very large.

[There are a lot reasons for this. ]

Factory careers attracted people.

(Cities have raised very large. )

Better colleges attracted families to move

to the city.

(Cities have grown very large. )

Locations of leisure time, entertainment, and culture

made town life show up more interesting.

Notice also the way the topic sentence is accompanied by the " focusing" or " prediction" sentence, There are numerous reasons for this kind of. Such paragraphs help the audience anticipate the corporation of the paragraph or article.

Cause and Effect Conjunctions

Here are some prevalent conjunctions which you can use to express cause and result:

sinceas a resultbecause of + noun phrase

becausethereforedue to + noun term

consequentlyfor this kind of reasonso

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