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" The question is not ‘can they reason? ' nor ‘can they talk? ',  but ‘can they suffer? '” (Peter Singer)​

Though we have practiced Animal Agriculture for many years,  it is no longer like Old McDonald's farm,  the one we were told about as children­ It has now grown to industrial factory farms that mass kill animals that have been abused to the point of never really living their innocent lives­ just to put the hamburger on your plate.  Only 2%­5% of the population acts for this,  and those people are called vegans.  ​

Veganism is beneficial because it provides not only enviormental benefits​

,  but a halt to at least some of the horrible treatment to animals;​  ​


there may be nutritional deficiencies and other health risks.  Elevating,  killing,  and eating meat is one of the most unhealthy things that one can do to their body,  and the earth. ​


ForВ example, В societiesВ carbonВ footprint. В Cars, В planes, В trains, В boats, В vehicles, В andВ anyВ otherВ gasВ orВ coalВ poweredВ transportationВ youВ canВ thinkВ ofВ causeВ aboutВ 13%В ofВ greenhouseВ gasses, В whereasВ animalВ agricultureВ causesВ aboutВ 51%В ofВ greenhouseВ gasses. В NotВ onlyВ isВ animalВ agricultureВ pollutingВ theВ air, В butВ itВ isВ pollutingВ ourВ watersВ asВ well. В AllВ ofВ theВ wasteВ fromВ thoseВ animalsВ hasВ toВ goВ somewhere. В Animals'В wasteВ isВ thrownВ intoВ giantВ lakesВ thatВ areВ madeВ completelyВ ofВ wateredВ downВ fecesВ­В ifВ theyВ areВ notВ forcedВ toВ liveВ inВ theirВ ownВ waste. В TheseВ lakesВ oftenВ overflowВ intoВ nearbyВ fieldsВ orВ ponds. В AnotherВ exampleВ ofВ howВ badВ itВ isВ forВ theВ EarthВ isВ waterВ consumption. В ItВ takesВ aboutВ 2, 400В gallonsВ ofВ waterВ toВ produceВ 1lbs. В ofВ meat, В whereasВ itВ

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takesВ onlyВ 25В gallonsВ ofВ waterВ toВ produceВ 1В lbs. В ofВ wheat. В AnotherВ example, В isВ howВ everyВ 6В mere seconds, В yetВ anotherВ acreВ ofВ theВ rainforestВ isВ clearedВ forВ agriculture. В NotВ onlyВ isВ thatВ hurtingВ theВ enviornment, В butВ alsoВ theВ speciesВ thatВ callВ theВ rainforestВ home.  ​ WeВ asВ aВ societyВ areВ attackingВ

theВ EarthВ withВ ourВ silverware. В

" IfВ slaughterВ housesВ hadВ glassВ walls, В[then]В everyoneВ wouldВ beВ vegetarian. ” (SirВ PaulВ McCartney)​


CurrentlyВ inВ theВ U. S i9000., В overВ 27В billionВ animalsВ areВ slaughteredВ forВ foodВ everyВ year. В ThatВ meansВ overВ 50В animalsВ areВ beingВ killedВ everyВ second. В TheВ meatВ industryВ didВ startВ outВ quiteВ innocentВ atВ first, В butВ asВ theВ demandВ forВ meatВ inВ theВ U. S. В rose, В soВ didВ theВ intensityВ ofВ tacticsВ usedВ onВ animals. В FiftyВ yearsВ ago, В cowsВ ateВ whateverВ theyВ wantedВ toВ produceВ theВ milkВ forВ usВ toВ drink. В Today, В cowsВ areВ expectedВ toВ produceВ threeВ timesВ moreВ milk. В TheyВ areВ fedВ foodВ filledВ withВ hormonesВ andВ GMOsВ thatВ hasВ beenВ speciallyВ grownВ forВ them, В thatВ couldВ haveВ beenВ grownВ organicallyВ forВ ourselves. В OneВ ofВ theВ mostВ commonВ mythsВ ofВ animalВ agricultureВ toВ theВ averageВ societyВ isВ thatВ aВ В fewВ tugsВ onВ aВ femaleВ cow'sВ uddersВ willВ createВ aВ streamВ ofВ warm, В freshВ milkВ­В thoughВ that'sВ notВ howВ itВ worksВ atВ all. В WhatВ mostВ peopleВ don'tВ realize, В isВ thatВ mammalsВ onlyВ produceВ milkВ whenВ theyВ areВ expectingВ offspring, В asВ theВ milkВ isВ producedВ forВ theВ baby. В ThisВ meansВ thatВ theВ cowsВ mustВ beВ impregnatedВ toВ produceВ theВ milk. В FactoryВ farmsВ willВ impregnateВ theВ cows, В thenВ takeВ theВ smallВ calfВ away. AВ babyВ cowВ isВ luckyВ ifВ itВ getsВ toВ stayВ withВ itsВ motherВ forВ aВ coupleВ ofВ hours. В TheВ babyВ isВ takenВ away, В andВ theВ milkВ meantВ forВ theВ babyВ isВ pumpedВ fromВ theВ motherВ usingВ largeВ industrialВ sizeВ machinesВ thatВ willВ leaveВ herВ uddersВ raw. В AsВ forВ theВ baby, В itВ willВ beВ takenВ toВ aВ differentВ partВ ofВ theВ farmВ whereВ theyВ willВ evaluateВ it. В MaleВ cowsВ areВ notВ veryВ usefulВ forВ theВ farming, В becauseВ theВ femaleВ cowsВ canВ produceВ milkВ andВ growВ biggerВ thanВ theВ men. В MostВ maleВ cowsВ areВ eitherВ killedВ onВ theВ spot, В orВ soldВ forВ veal. В WhyВ isВ thisВ legal? В It'sВ

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because of the animal welfare act created in 1966.  It states that practices like these are allowed,  though only if the practice is common. ​...

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